You Can Drive this Car Without Fuel Refill for a 100 Years Straight!

the car which can not be filled at all once in 100 years You Can Drive this Car Without Fuel Refill for a 100 Years Straight!

Since it has an extreme density, thorium can produce incredible volumes of heat. The company is currently experimenting with small pieces of material capable of creating a laser beam that heats water, generates steam and rotates a mini turbine.

The current model of the thorium engine weighs 200 kilograms and easily fits under the hood of a traditional car. And according to experts, only one gram of thorium contains more energy than 28 thousand liters of gasoline and 8 grams of this substance will fuel an ordinary car for a century.

According to expert Robert Hargraves, “energy sources with small or no CO2 emissions should be cheaper than coal, or they will fail in their attempt to replace fossil fuels.” For example, the US consumes 20 percent of the world’s energy and, according to Hargraves, even if their CO2 emissions are reduced to zero, 80 percent produced by other countries will continue to be a problem. And since the release of carbon dioxide passes already all conceivable boundaries, we need extremely nontrivial ideas.

A thorium in this case can also be an answer to the question of world nuclear power. Let’s look at the dry facts:

Thorium produces from 10 to 10 thousand times less long-lived radioactive waste;

Extraction of thorium gives only one pure isotope, while a mixture of natural uranium isotopes requires enrichment for operation in most conventional nuclear reactors;

Thorium can not support a chain nuclear reaction without special conditions, so that if necessary, its disintegration in the reactor terminates automatically;

Hargraves also predicts the transition to the thorium of factories and other industrial concerns. And in the very near future we can see it with our own eyes.

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