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Why the “relationship” breaks into your physical health!😞😭😒

Parting is difficult for everyone without exception. In this painful period, our emotions and stress directly affect our body. In the first week after the break in the relationship, your chances of a heart attack increase sixfold.

thats how the relationship breaks into your physical health Why the relationship breaks into your physical health!😞😭😒

This condition even has its name – Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy or the syndrome of a broken heart, in which the heart muscles suddenly weaken. In addition, when people see a photo of their former partner, that part of the brain that causes physical pain is activated. The immune system also fails, and you become more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

Traumatic experience can also harm the digestive system: if you have a sensitive stomach, cramps and problems with appetite and stool are not excluded. And he is able to cause hypertensive crisis with headaches, shortness of breath and nosebleeds. So tell me after that that the brain and body are not particularly interconnected! So, how does your body react to the negative emotions you are experiencing?

1. Fears and problems with sleep

People are “programmed” to live in a society where they need to communicate with people. When we lose a person close to us, we experience pain and anxiety. Such constant anxiety provokes problems with sleep and triggers the process of forming internal fears. These symptoms are similar to the withdrawal of stimulants – that is, the pain after parting activates the same part of the brain as in addicts. You experience withdrawal symptoms.

2. Pain in the chest

During this period the body sends nerve signals associated with actual physical pain. These signals can be compared to their analogue, when we are baking with a hot drink. Pain caused by emotions is usually manifested in a feeling of chest tightness and uncomfortable sensations in the heart. People with heart disease can easily suffer from arrhythmia or heart attacks.

3. Skin problems

Pain after parting leads to depression. The developed stress hormone affects the appearance of the skin, and, consequently, acne may appear, plus increased hair loss is not excluded. As you can see, experiencing a stressful situation is not the best time for your skin and appearance as a whole.

4. Muscle aches

During continuous stress, involuntary muscular cramps can occur that cause pain in various parts of the body. Do not close down and allow yourself to work out all your emotions in order to release them sooner, because the emotional pain very quickly makes you suffer and your body on a very tangible physical level.

5. Loss of appetite or, conversely, weight gain

After the breakdown of the relationship problems with appetite – this is the most common thing. Of course, all people react differently, but in this case there are two extremes: you can completely lose your appetite or you can eat up stress with more food. Be attentive to your condition and try to normalize your food so that you do not add problems to yourself. forests from another planet in the world of interest Why the relationship breaks into your physical health!😞😭😒

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