Who is responsible for happiness in a relationship?

Why are modern women so confident that working on relationships is their sacred duty? A pier, a man is a god around whom all her life should be built. And if she wants happiness, then she must learn to please God, satisfy God and try not to bore him. Sex, feeding home meals, ironed shirts and less hysterics – this will always be in price! And if you do not ask questions, consider, you will become an absolute model for imitation.

is the woman responsible for happiness lying Who is responsible for happiness in a relationship?

It is asked, since when has a woman ceased to be equal to a man? Why is the boring life, the upbringing of offspring and the sphere of relations – solely its parafia? Can a strong sex offer his lady half a kingdom and grapes on a golden tray? Is he really the same terminator that will protect her from all the misfortunes? Unfortunately no. And we are not talking about feminism, but about the equivalence of the figure of a man and a woman.

What should a woman be under the Vedic laws?

Its task is to maintain harmony in relations. To surround the partner with the power of his charms and elastic lotus, dance around his Majesty with a tambourine, train the depth of the pharynx and develop the hip muscles to satisfy carnal fantasies. And always be a cheerful and fluffy cat to feed and please the husband, inspiring him to look for a mammoth. Mercantile to be shameful, resentment and sawing spouse, too, are not welcome, to show jealousy – shame! That is, the main task of the woman remains cleaning the paradise hut, dancing around the fire, pumping vaginal muscles and continuing the genus. Perspective, to put it mildly, so-so …

What is the real picture?

Of course, all this obscurantism comes out because of the erroneous interpretation of the Vedic teaching, the texts of which are superimposed on the historical context and natural victimization in the character of the Slavic Women. In the wars of the 20th century, so many representatives of the stronger sex died, that the ladies had nothing left but to hold on to the only surviving disabled person for the whole village. And let him be lame, days lie on the greasy ottoman, and even poke, she will pray to him, beating off the “trophy” from a pack of hungry wolves. What-no, but in the house of a man! So, it is necessary to keep this dubious happiness, to be a victim she got used to.

The saddest thing, a woman in this fight stops respecting herself, unconsciously devalues her “I”. Once they beat her, it means she is to blame, she has an unbearable character. Do not call after all the acrobatic techniques in bed? I tried badly, I need to master new techniques of deep blowjob, there is competition in the market! Drinks and loses money? She needs to change something in herself, her happiness depends on her magical efforts. And so she fights, until she begins to suspect – it’s not a lack of femininity or eroticism on her part. It’s just hard to “make happy” someone who does not deserve it, who tramples the heart with dirty feet.

Who is responsible for happiness in a relationship?

Both partners at the same time. After all, happiness is not one-sided, when all the time you need to pull around your neck, inspire him, enthrall or motivate him to be with you. An adult man does not need to be detained, he wants to be near and even knows with which woman. In a full and healthy relationship, the man also makes efforts to make his woman feel loved. They both try to meet each other, rather than pulling a partner by the ears in an attempt to attract attention.

By the way, a normal man and without a woman is aimed at life achievements, he is not a fool or a dummy, he has his own goals and strengths for their implementation. A woman can be a partner or friend, but not an energy donor who will move his body to dreams by force of a cool blowjob in half with mother’s care. Instead of pumping priests or pouting duck lips, it would be better for her to take up her self-esteem in order to tighten her sense of self-worth. In the end, why did she decide that without a man life loses its meaning? Why limited happiness to the framework of family relations? Is the world around like a sleeping box, where she is only a concubine?

Relationships are the creativity of two. Assess the contribution of a partner a woman can only when it becomes a value for itself, when it opens the true source of joy inside.

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