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White Cat: Care and Curiosities 😹🐈🐱

White cat: care and curiosities of white cats

First, it must be made clear: one thing is a white cat and another is the albino cats. This difference should be recalled to identify albino: albino cats and normal white cats. The cat’s fur albino has been always white. However, the white cat fur may sometimes have specks of other colors such as spots or moles, for example.

To recognize the white cat it must be taken into account that they may not have the blue eyes.

albino cat by mochicreeper d4yjm51 White Cat: Care and Curiosities 😹🐈🐱

The variety of colors of the white cat’s eyes are enormous. Their skin is not a pale pink color like that of albino cat, although it may be in some specific cases.

With the white cats it is important to have special care with the skin care . The Actinic dermatitis is the pathology most common in these kittens. By not having pigments that protect your skin, ultraviolet rays penetrate directly and can produce this disease, which can trigger a cancer . This dermatitis produces a burn on the cat’s skin after prolonged exposure to the sun. Cats that have this disease may have constant irritation in various parts of the body. Likewise, there may be hair loss color changes in various areas of the coat due to vasodilation caused by inflammation.

The best thing to do in these cases is to resort to prevent. Reducing sun exposure without sun protection in these cats is the best option, more in summer. The use of sunscreen for cats is a good choice.

White cats: deafness

It is unknown what causes the deafness in these cats, but some specialists claim that it is due to the nervous structures involved in hearing during Its formation process and the lack of pigment in the coat. Not all white cats suffer it, but it is a marked tendency.

It is important to keep the needed care in these cats. For example, outings during walks or activities should be monitored, as they could suffer accidents. In other words, cats with deafness should not go out. The veterinary medical supervision will help to thoroughly review the health of the kitten.

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