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Which laws came into force in 2018?πŸ˜₯😐 πŸ˜‘

The battle of the chimes is not only a shot of the starting pistol to eating everything that fits on the table. It is rare that the entry into force of the law or amendment is scheduled for the middle of the month – it must wait for the solemn moment.We have compiled a list of the most significant laws that began operating on January 1, 2018. All the same, the executive is slumbering to New Year holidays, so you have about a week to prepare for a new legal reality.

The minimum wage has been increased
Now it is 9489 rubles, which is the basic variable in the calculation of payments to state employees, so the military, diplomats, pensioners receive an increase: good, but small, for example, pensions will increase by 500-700β‚½.

It’s no longer possible to be anonymous in the chat
Now all participants in the Internet communication should be identified. Operators of communication (that is, companies owning social networking and chat software) are invited to do this using telephone numbers that are linked to the passport data of individuals. Keep this information the law obliges on servers only in the territory of the Russian Federation. What is cloud computing and CDN? The State Duma does not yet know (or pretends that it does not know), which gives an infinite scope for reading the law, critics of the initiative note.
In addition, social network operators will be obliged to be able to notify all users at the request of government officials. Should I have such functionality, for example, Tinder – it is not clear.
But that’s not all. There was a law introducing the wording of the “critical information infrastructure” (CII) and promising to put an attack on it for 10 years. No, in the good old 2017, too, it was impossible to break the traffic exchange points, but to determine the gravity of the atrocity, the damage caused was difficult. Now CII objects are cataloged, assessed for their vulnerability and carefully protected from potential adversaries.

You can go to the doctor on the Internet
The telemedicine law has been working in limited form: a visit to a doctor can happen remotely. Yes, for example, by Skype. No, it’s impossible to pass tests, not in 2018 at least. In any case, the law presupposes getting consultations and “managing” the disease, but not diagnosing it. Therefore, the law obliges the patient to start receiving services from a personal visit to the doctor, although it does not say at all how it will be controlled.

Each apartment – by private cabinet
The so-called GIS utility: necessary information about the housing object, necessary payments, debts, etc. It has been working for several years, but from January 1, the government introduces responsibility for not posting information in the register. In fact, the law now not only allows, but obliges service organizations to publish the information necessary for citizens on dom.gosuslugi.ru so boldly demand an account for utility services online.
By the way, practically all state services now appear in the MFC at the choice of the citizen, and not at the place of residence.

Money for children (slightly)
Now for the first child in the family will be paid 10.5 thousand rubles a month, but not for everyone. The maternity capital program has been expanded to 2021. Orphans whose parents’ names are unknown now rely on a state pension before coming of age or until the end of the full-time form of study at the university.

which laws came into force in 2018 Which laws came into force in 2018?πŸ˜₯😐 πŸ˜‘

Several understandable legislative initiatives in one line:
β€’ No more alcoholic power engineers;
β€’ You can no longer hide the number when sending SMS;
β€’ The OSAGO policy will now print the QR code (duplicates the information from the policy);
β€’ An online registry of the registry office will appear;
β€’ Buying and owning a powerful car is even more expensive now;
β€’ A single register of corrupt officials has been established;
β€’ You cannot transport over the territory of the Russian Federation more than 10 liters of moonshine per person;
β€’ For foreigners introduced a tax refund (tax-free);
β€’ No alcohol law;
β€’ The joke.


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