Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

You’ve heard this name a thousand times. It will not hurt to learn a few details.

what is the rock and roll hall of fame Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?Just like this, this Hall, in fact, immediately appears a cathedral of white marble, golden candelabra along the carpet path, bronze cannons with cores around the iconostasis and coffins, coffins, coffins with rock stars everywhere!

Of course, It would be the best, best in the world Hall of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! But in reality this is a more modest institution – a modern, stylish architectural structure on the shores of a lake in Cleveland (Ohio), he was created in 1983-1986 thanks to the joint zeal of several show business sharks, publishers and music journalists.The hall is in fact not even a hall, but a seven-story music museum with a concert stage, the very same ceremony of initiating and celebrating heroes Occurs once a year in the coronation hall on the third floor.

1497181144 683 what is the rock and roll hall of fame Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?In April Paul McCartney will appear there with the archival mission – to make a speech for the glory of Ringo Starr. Because it’s Ringo who will be included in the number of knights of the rock and roll table this year. It is clear that The Beatles have long been ranked in the Hall of Fame, but now they are again enrolled separately for solo merit.

Also New York rock poetess Patti Smith will present the Hall of Merit to Lou Reed. Lu himself can not come, because he died two years ago after recording the album with the Metallica band (suddenly it’s an interconnected event?). There will be many more speeches and dedications, in particular, it is expected to join the club of the punk band Green Day (it will be presented to the public by the guys from the Fall Out Boy).

In a word, Hail Hail Rock and Roll! – as Chuck Berry sang. Or is it five words? Although if you write Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll – then three words. Lord, well, confusion!

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