When nerves are running out – stop tolerating it!

It happens that you live in an environment of problems and do not blow at your shoulders, somehow by itself is formed. The apartment, like life, falls apart in parts, demanding major repairs. But you do not rush to roll up your sleeves, the tile does not fall on your head, so you can live! And this motto applies to everything.

The husband turned out to be uncomfortable, walks with an unshaven carcass like an unhidden seal, but he does not raise his arm: they have eaten baldness for so many years, you will not find the second one. Mom continues to arrange concerts, thrusts his nose, where it is not necessary, the dacha is exploited, the children are overfed. You can talk, but it’s difficult, better to endure, but tomatoes on the table only from the garden. And in general, you look at yourself in the mirror – a belly bloated, legs in cellulite plaques, once a favorite dress makes it look like a fat caterpillar. And the thought comes: “And what to change? The husband at his side, the child has grown, pleasures, except for food, special is not expected … “Until he presses, the diet can be sent to the forest! And so in everything. If the hut does not burn, time does not tighten, then you can collect nerves in a fist and suffer a little. It’s easier than raising your ass and changing someone’s pre-set conditions. At least, it is more customary.

Awesome discovery

At some point, the hell is rolling all – the man-slonopotam leaves for another, you in the frustrated feelings load into yourself the third cake, and the sofa under you does not stand up, falling apart to all the horseradish. You’re on the floor, roaring like a wounded elephant, Mom comes running and winds up a wicked record on the theme “I told you,” and then you both get a ceiling. And then comes the insight – life has turned into ruins, it is impossible to remain inactive.

For some six months you radically change your life – throw out a trash can of ten-year garbage, hire a team of builders and sit on a vegetable diet, accustoming a lazy body to cardio. Mom ceases to be an authority and sent to live at a dacha with friends squash. The children take their smiles off their faces and start to take an example from you. And the body blossoms with a second youth, so we have to replenish the wardrobe with beautiful dresses and sexy lovers. At some point, Pavel’s neighbor falls in love with you, gives you a ring, and together you leave for the sunset. Only sitting on the soft seat of his Lexus, you remember: all this could not have happened, if that fat elephant continued to roar on the floor, without understanding anything.

What is the background for? There are people who are so used to tolerate inconveniences that they are considered to be the norm until an event occurs that destroys their world. And then the question arises: why torture yourself, leading the situation to the extreme? Why not solve the problem right away to live as a person? After all, these 10 years, our heroine could enjoy a beautiful house and sexual body, but she chose a miserable existence in return for a life full of adventure. And many, like her, postpone the visit to the doctor for years, ignore the leaking cranes and husband’s trips to the side. It’s difficult to change the usual, it’s easier to shift responsibility, to say that the world is to blame.

Think about what quality of life you choose?

How long have you been patient? It can be physical pain associated with some kind of ailment. The pain is because of the relationships that you are heroically trying to save. Or maybe, the discomfort associated with the lack of personal development. One thing is important: the quality of life is noticeably lame, it is necessary to couple the teeth and close their eyes much, persuading themselves to wait. The “patience” ritual can last for years, but why test yourself for strength? Is it not easier to break the fetters that bound the body to the arms and legs, is it not more logical to look for a way out?

Sometimes the door is already open, and we are stamping along by inertia. Sometimes, the key to the lock lies right in your pocket, but we continue to languish in prison and complain about fate. It turns out that happiness runs on its heels, and we wave it off, because the gifts are somehow inconvenient, we need to look for their place and shovel ten years’ rubbish. The most terrible thing is that you become accustomed to discomfort over time, and happiness seems uncomfortable. After all, when it knocks on the door, you need to get up off the couch, lighten up a little, change clothes, get something for tea, in general, overcome the internal resistance. And it’s so hard, it’s much easier to sit in a den and suck a paw.

If you think about it, your life can be completely different, pleasant, easy and happy. It is only necessary to overcome inertia and stop tolerating.

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