What mistakes lead to a rupture of relations?

Love, romance, passion sooner or later fade away. They are replaced by stability, calm, measured silence in the relationship. Unfortunately, such an idyll can not be observed in all families. Some couples crumble after many years of marriage, other loving people are still young. What mistakes prevent us from creating an ideal relationship?

what mistakes lead to a rupture of relations What mistakes lead to a rupture of relations?

1. Newly married couples or partners in any case have to get used to each other, adapt to other conditions of joint existence. Mutual concessions and compromises can not be avoided. But if there is a stubborn man in the pair who will not listen to someone else’s opinion, the other will simply tire of conceding all the time. Such family relationships almost always come to ashes. Many of us in the romantic period rarely pay attention to the shortcomings of a loved one. And some people are absolutely sure that sooner or later they will be able to change their partner for the better. It’s not even about harmful addictions, but about the difference in temperament or about completely innocuous habits. For example, a wife may not like the fact that her husband watches TV at night. What’s the point of changing something in an adult’s life? But no! Attempts to change someone have a place to be and very often they lead to the opposite result. The partner does not change but simply leaves.

2. For some reason, modern people are used to measuring everything solely with money. Someone blames his partner for commercialism, other people sincerely believe that the husband (wife) is obliged to support and pamper the loved one. Quarrels on the topic of financial relations can destroy even the strongest marriage. And often the questions and bewilderment begin after the official registration of the relationship. Why not talk about earnings and general (separate) purses at the initial stage?

3. Another fatal error can be called a deaf silence. Marriage is not simple. And you need to be able to speak and listen to your loved one. Let the mutual utterance of claims grow into a violent quarrel, but people will not shut themselves up, they will not begin to accumulate grievances. And family quarrels are sometimes so useful. What can we say about stormy reconciliation? Finally, a final disruption may result in public humiliation. There are people who are alone ready to do everything for their partner. But in a public place in them like a demon enters. A person changes beyond recognition, he begins to humiliate his companion, show dislike in public and bring family problems to the people’s court. At home, the bastard again becomes a normal person. Who will survive such treatment?

Yes, love requires serious sacrifices. But do not lose prudence under any circumstances. Everything will be fine!

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