What do you hate in other people according to the zodiac sign

People around us can like us, leave us indifferent or not like. We can not love everyone and find common ground with everyone. People can do things that annoy us or that we find unacceptable, because we avoid any contact with them in every possible way. So, what makes you nervous and frankly out of yourself in other people, starting from your zodiacal sign?

1. Aries

You can not stand it when people do it slowly. Your loved ones should always keep up with you at your pace, and this concerns literally everything: eating, making decisions and even paying bills. You are flying fast in life and with a human-snail you are clearly not on the path. If someone takes too long to pay at the checkout in front of you, you are terribly annoyed.

2. Taurus

You hate when people touch your stuff. And if they want to touch you, then they have to go through your own thorough testing. You do not like it when someone feels the fabric of your shirt or touches your mirrors or furniture in the house. And you are irritated by people chewing on handles, especially if they are your hands.

3. Gemini

You can not stand when people interrupt you or correct you when you say. Let’s say you said something that is not quite right. The interlocutor should wait 10 seconds, until you finish your idea, but there are people who believe that you need to immediately correct. You find this rude and annoying, and you frankly despise and avoid such people.

4. Cancer

You very much avoid people who are eager to buy cheap things, and whose houses are crammed with second-hand junk. Your home is your heart, and you think that it is impossible to fill it with ugly, useless and cheap things. It is better to buy several quality pieces of furniture than a bunch of plastic floors.

5. The Lion

You do not like when people behave patronizingly and condescendingly and talk with you, as with a child. Your environment must understand how blindingly beautiful you are, and you do not need indulgence. When someone scrabbles you on the shoulder, then you immediately turn on the arrogance and reluctance to communicate.

6. Virgo

You secretly hate people who do things by half. People should be proud of their work, and it must be done to the end and high quality. You do not find any justification for hackwork, laziness and inaction, and also postponing everything for later, because of such people you always instinctively stay away.

7. Scales

You can not endure, when people do not show affection and friendliness to you, so they automatically do not like you right away either. Yes, you want to be good for everyone, and this, alas, is impossible. Any oblique or unfriendly look in your direction – and the person immediately becomes your personal enemy.

8. The Scorpion

You in the depths of your soul hate people who wear masks and pretend that they are not what they really are. When someone does you a bad (in your opinion) compliment, it’s just as bad as lying to you, because you immediately find a person and his words to be false. You prefer that people be themselves and sincerely say what they think.

9. Sagittarius

You do not like gloomy, pessimistic and sad people. You prefer to see only good things and bright colors that life can offer. A negative and depressed person acts on you depressingly. This is very bad for your mood, and you try to avoid such people.

10. Capricorn

He shows you when people do not respect you. You work hard all your life, and you have honestly earned all that you have, and when someone does not respect you or tries to somehow humiliate or hurt, you remember it forever and irrevocably deprive such people of their disposition and attention. You do not like superficial attitude towards yourself.

11. Aquarius

You can not stand when people do not accept you as you are, and try to change you in every possible way. You are quite comfortable and peaceful with your inner self, and if you want to change something in yourself, then you will do it only on your own. Exposure from the outside for you is unacceptable.

12. Pisces

You hate people who always try to guide you on the right path and are overwhelmed with valuable recommendations and directions. You do not want to be patronized, controlled and commanded, and you categorically dislike unsolicited advice and, God forbid, attempts to unauthorizedly enter your life.

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