What can we learn from the Japanese?

Only those who live in a foreign country for a long time begin to really understand its culture. Another way of life leaves an imprint on the behavior of a person, and sometimes changes his philosophical and aesthetic views. People who have lived in Japan for a long time note that some features of the Japanese way of life made them change their attitude to the world and taught many things.

what can we learn from the japanese What can we learn from the Japanese?

Politeness is above all

Humility and the taming of its “ego” play an important role in Japan, since in the first place there is always common harmony.

Do not scream in a public place, follow established rules and calmly wait for your turn – these are the inalienable rules that foreigners quickly adopt.

You can keep your personality in hobbies, but you have to respect the interests of others and think how your position can affect society as a whole. A tolerant attitude also manifests itself to a foreign culture. Japan has been isolated from the rest of the world for many centuries, so there are many customs that are very different from Western traditions. If your habits do not contradict the law and do not threaten public order, they will be treated with understanding. Goodwill and good manners among the locals in the blood.

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Relation to the world

The study of the Japanese language helps to clarify many aspects of the way of life of the Japanese. The term “ichinichi ichizen” (“one day, one good deed”) means that a person must do something good every day, even if it is the most insignificant thing, for example, feeding birds.

The phrase “Ichigo itie” means that meeting with any person and under any circumstances is a unique experience for which one should be thankful for destiny.

1496739028 180 what can we learn from the japanese What can we learn from the Japanese?

“Ikigai” is “the purpose and meaning of life.”

Many Japanese principles originate in Zen Buddhism. These include:
“Infograp” (the highest goal), WA (harmony), wabi sabi (transience and imperfection).

At the same time, Japan does not impose any particular religion. Morality is separated from theology. The main thing for every person is to be a pure soul and attentive to others.

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