We rip off the masks! What games are women playing in a relationship?

A woman is a great actress who herself does not suspect the power of her influence on a man. With an expressive sweep of her eyelashes, she can both prick a partner and raise his ego to heaven. House-folded eyebrows easily subordinate to their will even the strongest male, what to say about her kisses or tears. But it also happens that the lady is going too far in trying to control the man. She so flirts that she does not notice the main thing – the relationship is about to collapse, and the reason for that will be herself.

we rip off the masks in what games are women playing We rip off the masks! What games are women playing in a relationship?

What games do women like to play? Let’s see.

1. The game “Prove how much you love”

Every self-respecting lady is well aware of how a real man should take care of. And if, God forbid, he does not carry her arms of roses, does not carry rest for expensive resorts, does not buy a pretty dress, so this is not love. Women often manipulate men, forcing them to change themselves with the phrase “prove”. “Now, if you really did not have a soul in me, I would be there,” she spoils. “If I’m so precious to you, stop communicating with the former and children! It hurts me … ”

Do you understand the intensity of passions? When a man does not guess her desires, she makes him feel guilty, because he does not like what he should. You can take offense, be capricious, refuse to be near, he himself deserved it. And will obey – there will be both sex and pies. How convenient.

2. The game “Bash to the Bash”

The essence of the game is simple: it undertakes to do something that the man needs, in return for the same concessions on his part. That is, the relationship in a pair turns into a market bid, where everyone tries to snatch more than they can invest. She dictates: “You will bring home money – get my good mood and a bowl of soup.” Or: “If you do not go with me to my mother, do not expect anything from me …” The most dangerous thing in the game is to change feelings for a cold calculation, when a partner ceases to be regarded as something really valuable, but turns into an eternal debtor. A woman no longer looks at a man as a loved one, but sees in it a product that must fit all her “want.” The main value is not to lose in the deal, to pull out as much as possible without investing anything. And this is a dangerous game.

3. The game “Rescuer and drowning”

All partners are selected by such a woman according to strict criteria: he must be either an alcoholic, or a loser, offended by fate, or an eternal parasite that is stuck in debt and a career pit. Her task – heroically pull the peasant on his shoulders, until an angel descends from heaven to pay homage for her holiness. She will suffer a lot, do not eat, do not sleep, work for five to realize in the fullness of her sacrificial heart. Because this woman loves to feel the heroine of the novel, whose torment has no end. A war girlfriend who is a direct descendant of Mother Teresa, and therefore should be beneficent helpless and unhappy peasant. Relations without suffering lose all meaning for such a woman.

4. The game “The Eternal Complainer”

The essence of manipulation is to whine to the victorious end, so that everyone can see what kind of lady is noble against the backdrop of useless hubby. In their relationship, he is always to blame, because he was born with horns on his head and hoofs instead of brains. He is so unfeeling, a real pig and a womanizer, because she does not appreciate her efforts and love. She is tired of living in the mud, sleeping on his bed and bringing up his children! It’s his fault that she did not become a famous ballerina, did not fly to Las Vegas and did not keep the figure of Thumbelina. Obviously, this is karma. As you may have guessed, the woman in this game covers all her weaknesses and blunders with the “goat” nature of her beloved husband, she finds a life-giving sense in criticism and constant whining, which gives her endless food for conversations and raises self-esteem. Against the background of Ivanushka the fool she is always a queen! Even with a bare booty.

Do I need to remove the mask?

If the established rules of the game suit all the participants, you can not change anything, just a simple awareness of the situation. But if the game has gone too far and is destructive, if both partners are unhappy and tired of manipulation, it is better to open the cards and honestly discuss the current situation. What leverage do you use against each other? “I earn more, because I order music.” “I’m tired with children, for this you owe me!” “I’m young and beautiful, afraid of losing me.” Mechanisms can be mass, enough to be honest with each other. Think about why you do it, what are you afraid of? Only in your hands to rewrite the story again.

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