We present you the list of oldest dog breeds

It is clear that If you thought you knew everything, what we tell you will surprise you because we will talk about older dog breeds . So if you are passionate about animals and especially dogs, for nothing in the world you can miss this.
Siberian Husky : already used to pull sleds, so they are Undoubtedly one of the oldest dog breeds in history.

Samoyed : they are Nordic dogs, and according to history they are known as “working dogs” for the tribes

Chow – chow : is a dog that was used for the hunting and like protector of temples. It’s adorable but very rude though it may not look like it.

Pekingese : has always been a companion dog and very consented

Shih-tzu : comes from Chinese and its translation is “lion.”

Tibetan Terrier : is a dog that comes from lamas, ancient Tibetan monasteries.

Shar pei : its name of Chinese origin means “skin of sand”. It was used as a hunter-type dog, guard and shepherd.

Saluki : known as the “royal dog of Egypt”. History tells us that this is the oldest of greyhounds

Basenji : one of its peculiarities is that it does not bark. But this does not end here, because the second peculiarity is that it does not smell like a dog.

Akita inu : comes from Japan and is one of the strongest dogs. They were used to hunt wild animals, and guard.
These are the ten oldest dog breeds in history . Surely you know much of them and you have been surprised what tells the story about each of these races. But there is no doubt that we are dealing with the oldest ones.

Over the years the function of these dogs has changed considerably. Because today it is hard to believe that a chow chow -which looks so sweet and vulnerable-was a hunting dog many years ago.

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