We bought a house with Invisible Neighbors…👻👽

Having bought a house, a person hopes that he will become his refuge and peace of mind… But sometimes the opposite happens. Our visitor Dovilė told us about his family history. Let’s give her a letter below

I would like to tell about the house I used to live in. My family bought a house from a Jewish family. The house was quite large and, in comparison, really sold very cheaply. As we were told, we had to go abroad.

It’s strange, but in that house I was not upset from the beginning. At night, I was afraid of going back to the kitchen (then I was 15 years old). After a while, things began to change.

It began with the fact that one morning the dad heard something climbing up the stairs (they were such wooden bears and giggled, painted when someone was hanging on them), thought that his parents had come and left the room to congratulate him, but there was nothing. All houses went empty. At that moment, even a dog started a lot that was with the dad in the room.

Then one night I heard that something was drawing a threshold, just like my nails, I thought that the dog, I so courageously turned on the light, looked and empty. It looked like the heart went to the heels. I quickly ran to my parents in the room. It turns out that the dog slept in them closed. I still heard the night as the lock of the wild door locked. When his sister was born, his electric toys turned on or disappeared altogether.

%name We bought a house with Invisible Neighbors...👻👽

Without telling what’s happening, we went to such Teresa (maybe the Shiites will know what I’m talking about). She’s like a coward or esoteric, but the fact that she was not dead because she described our whole house in it, she was not even with us. It would seem like a walk after him. She told us that three people died in the house: a little girl fell from the stairs and died, the builder was building the house, and some older woman of a very ugly character died.

When parents began to become interested in their neighbors, it turns out that before we got up, the house really lived in the olden age, who roared with all and cursed everyone.

When we tried to sort things out, we realized that the sister’s toys were probably turned on by the girl, and the evil old lady frightened us.

In Teresa, he ordered from all the rooms to collect a little dust, fluffy, and so on. And bring everything to the attic. Arriving at our home, Teresa prayed. After her visit, we really lived quietly. We did not hear anything and finally we could breathe.

I have not lived there yet, but I hope that the new hosts will live calmly.

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