Top 10 Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gifts She’s Sure to Love

Valentine’s Day is about to come, What will you get your girlfriend now? 

It’s a well known fact that Valentine’s Day is made to sell presents. But why follow the standard conventions of Valentine’s gift giving?

It’s a day meant to celebrate love and the people in your life that mean something special to you. It’s about the two of you being together; not flashy gifts, so get her something you’ve both wanted.

Here are the top 10 Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gifts she’s sure to love.

10. Let Her Pick The Lingerie She Wants

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Surprise her with a trip to a lingerie store and tell her you want her to pick out whatever she wants.  She’ll be likely to ask for your opinion a few times and maybe she’ll even try a few things on for you!

She’ll feel confident and comfortable in whatever the two of you pick out together, which will make her more likely to wear it again in the future.

9. Netflix and Chill… The Old Fashioned Way

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If you’ve been struggling to find downtime together, plan a long day indoors. Order her favorite pizza, bust out some blankets, and sit on the couch in your underwear watching your favorite series.

It doesn’t sound all that sexy right now, does it? It kind of sounds like a sleepy day in, and it can be!

Don’t initiate anything- just wait and enjoy your time together.  After a while, maybe when Netflix asks you both, “Are you still watching this?,” she’ll hit pause on the show and she’ll play around with you.

8. Clean Her Apartment

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This is not the sexy part; that comes later, you have to wait for it.

If you live together, clean your place. Get her out of the house for a couple hours and clean. I mean, CLEAN. Get the baseboards. Get that place shining like Cinderella and a bunch of birds bustled through there before she gets back.

You’ll be rewarded later…

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