Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016-2017

The genre of horror has suffered a real revival in recent years – after a long stagnation at the beginning of zero, many worthy pictures have appeared on the screens, from the Astral deductible, which has collected hundreds of millions of dollars, to the claims of the Cannes Film Festival It Follows.

We have prepared for you the TOP 10 of the worst horror films of 2016-2017, capable of delivering true pleasure and tickling the nerves of even hardened horror fans.

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10. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Michelle, caught in a serious accident, regains consciousness and finds herself locked up in an unknown room. Keeping her locked up, Howard swears that they are in a bunker, and outside there was a disaster and the Earth became uninhabitable. But is it really so?

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Cloverfield 10 – a terrible film that takes first and foremost the atmosphere and constantly keeps the viewer in confusion. If you are tired of screamers and other trivial attempts to scare, which are replete with modern horror films, we recommend viewing.

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9. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Tommy and Austin Tilden are a son and father who own a morgue in a small town in Virginia. One wonderful evening the sheriff brings to the morgue the corpse of a beautiful girl who lacks any traces of violence, and the usual routine in trying to establish the cause of death turns for both pathologists into a monstrous nightmare.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe 1920x1080 Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016 2017

Interesting chamber horror film, filmed indoors with several characters. And if experienced fans of horror can remain not frightened, then from the detective part of the picture they will definitely be delighted.

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8. The Conjuring 2 (2017)

Warren’s spouses, engaged in the study of paranormal activity, go to the capital of England on the call of Peggy Hodgson – a single mother, confident that in her house there are forces of evil. However, very soon they regret their decision, because in the process of investigation the demons who settled in Peggy’s younger daughter switch their attention to Warren …

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The continuation of the Hollywood interpretation of the cult Japanese horror film turned out to be extremely successful, this is evidenced not only by the impressive box office, but also by the high ratings at the Film Search and IMDb.

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7. The Boy (2016)

A nanny who came from America to work in a prosperous English family, finds that she will not have to look after a child, but behind an anthropoid doll. However, soon she suspects that the doll can really be alive – and whether it is so, or it starts to go crazy – is unknown.

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Qualitatively made horror, capable of becoming a modern classics of the genre. The film is creepy to goosebumps, and at the same time very interesting due to the non-standard development of the plot.

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6. The Bride (2017)

Nastia and Ivan are newlyweds who go to the husband’s parents to lead a wedding on their old family rite. However, soon Nastya realizes that Ivan’s family is very strange, and after the ritual, they even start to frighten nightmares and hallucinations. But the most terrible thing is that quite by accident she discovers in her parents’ home a casket in which photographs of dead girls are hidden.

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The Bride is a well-made domestic horror, in which the screamers are harmoniously complemented by a viscous atmosphere, and high-quality photography does not suffer from the shortcomings of the plot.

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5. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Alice makes a living by providing extrasensory services to gullible people, in this she is helped by her invented props and two daughters – Lina and Doris. But from the moment of buying a new spiritual board in her house, nightmarish things begin to happen, and one of the daughters falls under the influence of the demon.

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Uigi is an excellent representative of the genre with an interesting story, an abundance of spectacular screamers and blood-bustling musical accompaniment. Formally, this is the second part, which is the prehistory of the film released in 2014, which also deserves viewing.

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4. Lights Out (2016)

Rebecca is experiencing problems with the realization of reality, in her childhood she was often visited by mystical visions, but even growing up she can not determine which of them was reality and what is fiction. And it is doubly sad that Rebecca is not able to help her younger brother, who suddenly also began to see insane images.

lights out main review Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016 2017

A stylish and well-made horror, with a good atmosphere and decent camera work, capable of lightly tickling the nerves.

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3. Do not Breathe (2016)

The three young guys who climbed into the house of the blind old man to rob him and collect the accumulated money very soon regret their decision – the old man is not as simple as they thought, and in his house secrets are much more terrible than several Thousands of dollars from a pension.


DONT BREATHE Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016 2017

This film is able to catch a lot of fear and tension on an untrained audience, and even if other horror films do not cling to you, it will not leave you indifferent.

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2. The Wailing (2016)

Events develop in a small Korean village in which, with the advent of a mysterious Japanese, mystical events begin to occur. The police are incapable of understanding unexplained deaths, and when the daughter of one of the detectives falls ill with a mysterious illness, he attracts a shaman to uncover the interference of otherworldly forces.

maxresdefault 3 Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016 2017

The scream is one of the best horror films, and in general films shot in Korea in recent years. Strictly recommend to view.

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1. The VVitch (2016)

The events unfold in the 17th century. A pair of pious Christians living on the edge of a dense forest is mysteriously deprived of one of the five children – the boy simply disappears and the main culprit is one of the daughters suspected of having otherworldly forces.

a88fb1b94d6e69bf2ffbfc9f7bf63232 Top 10 most terrible horror films in the world list 2016 2017

The witch is a quality and scary movie, one of the most atmospheric horror films in the last 10 years. It’s a chic movie that you watch without breaking off and literally dissolve in the story told by the director.

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