The Right Way to Love a Woman? 10 tips for men

There is no woman more attractive than the one who feels loved, whose eyes exude fountains of light and warmth. Next to such it is difficult to remain indifferent, with one’s presence she changes the inner self-awareness, brings a holiday to your world. But not all men get to give a woman a feeling of love and security, why relations only lose. We decided not to wait for the distress signals and provide clues that tell how to love a woman properly.

how to love a woman right 10 tips for men The Right Way to Love a Woman? 10 tips for men

10 tips for men, how to love a woman?

1. Be interested in its internal state

A woman is your investment, the more you invest in it, the more returns you will get. Money, flowers and trips to the sea – wonderful, but most of all she needs love and spiritual care. So do not forget to be interested in her mood and feelings, hug more often, talk for a cup of tea and protect from bad thoughts. There is nothing to think much about, it’s your prerogative!

2. Speak the language of her body

How well do you know your beloved? Do not be lazy and learn her habits, each person has his own language of love. Someone feels needed when he is physically contacted through sex, massage and hugs. Someone perceives love audially – through praise and verbal expression of feelings. And there are women who do not imagine life without small surprises in the form of a chocolate or an unplanned trip to the park. What gives pleasure to her?

3. Do not be afraid to put the lady in place

Sometimes a woman crosses the frame and starts climbing to the primordially male territory, breaking the boundaries, wanting to command not her parade. Do not be afraid to tell the lady in her cool voice in a calm tone, there is nothing to forget that she is dealing with a man, not a henpecked man. Defend your rights and views, for this you will have to get rid of infantilism and laziness.

4. Show miracles of generosity

Mean males repel, because they live in deficit and expect to receive more than they give. Be generous, do not skimp on emotions for your partner, give her time, give gifts. Remember, what kind of vibrations you radiate, such an attitude and receive in return.

5. Respect her fears

We all are afraid of something, try not to manipulate it, but treat carefully. The biggest fear of many women is to remain alone, to be a devoted loved one. Therefore, she is so demanding, she presses and strangles her control, she is afraid of losing you. Instead of irritation, try to understand it and pay some attention.

6. Help control emotions

A woman by nature is emotional, and therefore can easily lose control over herself by messing up or saying too much. Do not be afraid of her hysterics, in this state she is even an enemy! Do not hit with words in response, try to calm the raging ocean of her feelings, giving a sense of security. Show that she can lean on you, calm her nerves with her coolness and confidence.

7. Be consistent in the principles of

There is nothing worse than a man who easily resents and changes his principles. It must be a support, an island of stability and permanence, and not a stalk that loosens in the wind. Try to stay true to yourself, despite quarrels and scrapes, do not stop being close and take care of your partner. Do not need to retreat at the first opportunity, seek consolation in the arms of another. She must feel that you want to be there, that you can be trusted.

8. Do not try to humiliate her personality

Insults, unreasonable criticism of her appearance and abilities, pricks against self-esteem – all this negatively affects her attitude towards you. Do not make your half feel unnecessary, unattractive or rejected, it will return boomerang at the most inopportune moment. Hysterical? Give her to speak out, shut up with a kiss or gently siege, without jeering and podkolok. Do not ignore her experiences, a woman should feel that you are on her side.

9. Do not limit freedom

A woman is not a bird in a cage that should delight your ears and fulfill desires. She is as much a person as you, who has the right to develop her interests and self-actualize professionally. Do not limit her freedom of choice, do not forbid communication, do not tie all her free time to the house and the child. Help her to find herself, develop skills, expand the scope of her outlook.

10. Remain grateful

Do not stop appreciating everything that it does for you – emotional support, household care, the birth of heirs and just a feeling of comfort alongside. The work of a woman is largely invisible, but we assure you that his absence will be acutely felt. So do not forget to thank her for all the little things she does every day.

Do not be lazy to be an example in a relationship. You are the leader, therefore your way of life, style of thinking should serve as a model for the rest! Do not soften under the female wing, often take the initiative, develop spiritually, make independent decisions. Good relations are built by joint efforts.

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