The rating of gaming mice 2017

Mouse is the main weapon of a gamer, on which the disclosure of his potential and playing skills directly depends. Using advanced gaming devices allows not only to get a unique gaming experience and increase the enjoyment of the process, but also gives a certain advantage over rivals, because any action with the gaming mouse can be performed faster, more accurately and better.

the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The main difference between the game mouse and the usual one is the increased DPI (sensitivity of the cursor), less response time for pressing, and the possibility of fine-tuning these parameters for yourself. Also, mice often have additional function keys to which you can write macros and various commands, which gives you even greater control over the game process.

The assortment of game mice is extremely diverse, there are hundreds of variants differing from each other in characteristics, weight and ergonomics. Choosing a gadget is necessary for itself, a huge advantage is the ability to hold the mouse in your hands before buying and determine whether it is suitable for your style of play.

1496470947 566 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

If this is not possible, follow our TOP-10, which presents the best of the best gaming mice, tested by thousands of gamers. The purchase of any of these devices will be successful!


10. Havit 12000 DPI

This mouse uses a top-end optical sensor PixArt PMW 3360, which provides a record 12000 DPI. The sensitivity can be quickly adjusted in 7 different ranges, from 500 DPI to the maximum, and the illumination of the mouse will also change – different brightness levels correspond to different DPI modes, which make it easy to navigate in the device settings.

1496470947 406 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The Havit 12000 is equipped with 12 programmable keys for recording macros, all located on the right side of the chassis. And despite the impressive functionality, the mouse remains comfortable and ergonomic, it lies perfectly in the palm of your hand and has good grip with the rug.

9. Havit 2800 DPI

Havit 2800 – a mouse that can be found in most ratings of the best gaming devices in 2016. It has an extremely successful design, ideally suited for FPS and MOVA games, time-tested stuffing in the face of the AVAGO 5050 sensor and, importantly, affordable cost.

1496470947 924 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The mouse can work on 4 levels of sensitivity – 800, 1200, 2000 and 2800 DPI, each of which has a unique highlight color. Also there is a fast reverse DPI button between the two user-selectable modes. Havit 2800 does not require the installation of drivers – the mouse is ready for immediate use on any new computer.

8. Diweit Gaming Mouse

Diweit possesses unique ergonomics, which does not cause fatigue of hands even with prolonged gaming, which in the long run protects the player from possible problems with tunnel wrist syndrome. In fact, this is a slightly modified version of the cult Razer DeathAdder, whose design is considered a reference.

1496470948 540 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The mouse is capable of operating in 6 speed modes, from 500 to 4800 DPI, for accuracy and stability of positioning the high-quality optical sensor AVAGO 3050 answers. Also there are 6 customizable buttons and 6-color illumination. The device is compatible with all computers based on Windows and MAC operating systems.

7. SOWTECH Gaming Mouse

The Sowtech mouse weighs only 102 grams, thanks to an ergonomic design and a rubberized surface, it lies perfectly in your hand, which has a long and productive gaming experience. The device has 4 DPI modes – 1000, 1600, 2400 and 3200, which can be changed via the fast-switching button.

1496470948 585 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

This is a free mouse, so you can easily connect it to a computer with any operating system and instantly start the game. A nice addition – LED lighting with the choice of 7 different shades of light.

6. Perixx MX-2000

The greater the weight of the mouse, the more tired the hands are in the game. MX-2000 – light and ergonomic mouse, when working with which the load on the wrist is reduced to a minimum. It is a beautiful and well assembled device with a rubberized case, the presence of 8 programmable buttons and a high maximum sensitivity of 5600 DPI.

the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The bundled software allows you to adjust sensitivity in the range of 100-5600 DPI independently, and the mouse cable has a textile braid preventing its damage. In terms of price / quality – this is one of the best positions in our rating.

5. Sades Q6 USB

The Sades brand has been producing computer mice for more than 20 years, and they have invested all their experience and knowledge in the line of devices for cybersportsmen. Q6 – the device focused on maximum efficiency in MOBA and strategies, it has optimal ergonomics, 7 customizable buttons (including the DPI fast switching key) and the ability to fine tune sensor sensitivity.

1496470948 771 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

Q6 thanks to the symmetrical shape of the body is ideal for grasping both the right and the left hand, but it is worth considering that the mouse has a relatively large size and considerable weight – almost 210 grams.

4. Tecknet Raptor Gaming

Tecknet Raptor is an affordable gaming mouse with smart build quality and user-friendly ergonomics. The surface of the upper part of the body and the stop under the thumb are rubberized and have a characteristic relief finish, which excludes the possibility of slipping the device and losing control over the game.

1496470948 287 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The mouse is based on an optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 2000 DPI (modes – 1000, 1600 and 2000 DPI), has 6 adjustable buttons and a high-strength cable in a damage-resistant textile braid.

3. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

The list of the best gaming mice without Logitech devices would be inferior because this company produces some of the best gaming mice. This is a unique mouse with a hybrid sensor, in which the optical sensor is combined with its own development of the Fusion Engine, which provides the maximum speed of motion tracking – up to 500 inches / s

1496470948 469 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

The G402 is capable of operating at a sensitivity of 240-4000 DPI. The mouse itself is made of lightweight polymer materials, due to which it has a low weight (108 grams) and low coefficient of dynamic friction-the movement of the device on the rug does not tire the hand even with super-long game sessions.

2. Zelotes 5500 DPI

Zelotes 5500 in three words can be described in this way – cheap, high-quality, functional. The mouse develops sensitivity up to 5500 DPI, has 7 customizable buttons, LED backlight and ergonomic design, while in the most important places for grip plastic matt, which ensures reliable retention of the mouse at any speed.

1496470948 969 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

Among the advantages of Zelotes 5500 is reliability, the main buttons have a guaranteed life of 5 million pressures, which is enough for 4-5 years of rodent exploitation. The device is compatible with all operating systems, and does not require the installation of drivers for operation.

1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

DeathAdder – the king of gaming mice, which is familiar to every self-respecting gamer. The device, which has been very popular since its release in 2006, has an ideal design that fits most people, and the highest build quality. In this case, the mouse is accompanied by advanced software that allows you to configure the device for any style of play.

1496470948 790 the rating of gaming mice 2017 The rating of gaming mice 2017

Razer always uses the best optical sensors on the market, making DeathAdder one of the best gaming products stably. Judge for yourself – sensitivity up to 10,000 DPI, positioning speed up to 200 inches / sec, maximum acceleration – up to 50g. Add here the choice of a variety of shades and modes of illumination, rubberized body for a confident grip, buttons with a pronounced feedback and an excellent ratio of size and weight, and get the best universal gamer mouse!

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