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The most strangest animal fights caught on the camera

The animal fights are associated with powerful and large predators: lions, bears, tigers, who either find out the relationship between themselves or pursue the victim. But not every battle that happens in nature is so predictable. Some of these strange battles and fights have even been caught on camera.

1. The elephant girl against 14 lionesses

Even with one lion to meet terribly, but there are as many as 14 lionesses. And they are all against one little elephant. This incident occurred in one of the Zambian parks, and I must say the elephant came out of this battle with honor.

2. A dog shark against a giant Pacific octopus

Who do you think will win in a battle: a shark or an octopus? Most people will probably choose a shark, because the octopus looks weaker and harmless. In this case, at least it did not matter, and the octopus simply strangled the shark.

3. Tiny Tortoise against two cats

Tiny turtles are not the worst of the fighters, but this turtle has entered into a battle for food with two fluffy domestic cats. Moving at a fairly good pace for a very sluggish and slow-moving animal, the turtle clearly embarrassed both opponents.

4. Alligator against the tortoise

The fight between a giant alligator and a small tortoise, according to the logic of things, must end sadly for the latter. But not in this case! The alligator wants to eat it, but the tortoise does not miss. After several unsuccessful attempts, he pauses, holding a turtle in his teeth. It’s hard to say what happened next, but let’s think that the alligator was eventually tired, and the turtle slipped into freedom.

5. Black mambo against mongoose

Black mamba can kill an adult with just two drops of poison, what can we say about a small mongoose. But the mongooses are in fact immune to snake venom, so here the mamba is powerless.

At first sight, it seems that the mamba will not have problems with a cute little mongoose, and although the fight is definitely one-sided, the snake definitely loses.

6. A rabbit against a snake

Moms always protect their children, even if these moms are cute rabbits, on whose cubs a hungry snake encroaches. The rabbit entered into an unequal battle with her, demonstrating a terrific reaction, and even persistently pursued the snake in order to completely drive her away.

7. Duck against hippo

The hippopotamus in this video is actually dwarfish, but for a duck it is still huge. Duck, apparently, concluded that this giant beast is in its territory, and therefore begins to attack the hippopotamus. We do not know how this battle ended, although the duck apparently won.

8. Alligator against a domestic cat

This is not quite a battle, but the cat is beautiful. So, he and the little gator look at each other. The cat is half the size of the enemy. The beast is attacking! Here the word “beast” refers to a cat. And the alligator goes to the water in disgrace. Indeed, the cats of the beast are no more frightening than the cow!

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