🎢 DJ Afrojack – The First Participant of Alfa Future People 2018 🎢

The festival in 2018 will celebrate its fifth anniversary. For this event, the organizers want to exceed all expectations and very carefully select artists, so we are particularly interested in who will perform on it. And the first in the list of participants was the Dutch DJ Afrojack.

the first participant of alfa future people 2018 🎢 DJ Afrojack   The First Participant of Alfa Future People 2018 🎢

Afrojack, nicknamed Nick van de Wall is a Dutch DJ, who has been charting the charts for more than a year now, focusing on house in all its manifestations, and Afrojack is among those musicians who do not want to close within the dance ghetto, which is confirmed by the Grammy’s account with David Getta a remix for Madonna’s song “Revolver.”

Last year, AFP already demonstrated l is ready to develop and expand its own borders by opening techno and, most importantly, the live scene.The official aftermovie of the festival, which was held from July 7 to 9, 2017, proved this.

And this is not the festival that stops at what has been achieved, which means that in 2018 new spectators are waiting for the audience. By the way, holders of Alfa-Bank plastic cards Next, Cash Back and PZD can already buy tickets of the category “Standard” on the festival website with a discount of 1000 rubles. So, if one of them is lying in your wallet, hurry up – in the new year there will be many people wishing to be in the New Casino on Alfa Future People 2018.

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