Dogs make mathematical calculations

We all have always wondered at one time or the other if the dogs do mathematical calculations. Dogs make mathematical calculations

1940 became famous Stuppke ; He was a special dog who barked as many times as indicated the number written on a small blackboard that showed him its owner. Stuppke was also able to read the number with his eyes covered

To ñ or there have been several cases of dogs who have become famous for knowing mathematical calculations and giving the answers barking or wiggling The correct number of times.

Scientific investigations but, resize these skills and suggest that dogs do not know how to make mathematical calculations, only have a basic numerical sense. The scientists explain that the abilities of dogs have been taught ñ with techniques similar to those used with young children not yet They speak.

They use the duration of the look as an indicator of what they think and in this case of the so-called “surprise effect”.

They have done several experiments to understand if dogs can do mathematical calculations; the most famous “is organized so that while the animal is looking at the person, it hides behind a screen two large bone-shaped biscuits. After a few seconds, the person removes the screen. If instead of the two cookies that the dog has seen hide there are three cookies or only one, the dog is amazed. His expectation does not correspond to reality and his astonishment is quantified with the duration of the look that is longer when the two same cookies that the dog had hidden at the beginning do not appear. “

] According to the scientists the dog has a basic numerical ability and can differentiate between 1, 2 and 3.

This according to studies does not prove that dogs can count or do calculations!

According to scientists dogs do not know how to solve mathematical calculations

Dogs respond in one mode or the other because the person sends to the dog a body signal.

It can be any movement: a slight lifting of the eyebrows, a movement with the shoulder ecc.

So the incredible ability of some dogs to make mathematical calculations is actually the incredible ability of Read human signs

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