The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

It all began in Long Beach, California in 1952 where a local ‘bathing beauty’ competition for swimwear was held. Every year people gather to watch Miss Universe which has been a hallmark event in the world of beauty pageants.

#10 Miss Universe 1989

928 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Angela Visser was the very first Miss Universe of Netherlands. The spark of her beauty made judges of the show crown her with this title.

After she won the title, she tried to initiate her career as an actress in television and film industry.

#9 Miss Universe 2005

190 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Canadian beauty Natalie Glebova became the 54th winner of the Miss Universe Contest. She jumped right into modeling and killed it on the runways.

She also added to her achievements of being a TV host, author and a dancer.

Isn’t she an overachiever?

#8 Miss Universe 1998

737 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Wendy Fitzwilliam won in 1998 making her country Trinidad & Tobago proud. She is famous as one of the tallest beauties, 6 feet tall to win the title.

Now she is an author, and created Caribbean’s Next Top Model.

#7 Miss Universe 2004

933 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Jennifer Hawkins is a stunning Australian beauty who was titled Miss Universe Australia in 2004 and in the same year became Miss Universe winner.

She is an Australian model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and television presenter. Hawkins is the founder and CEO of two successful brands, Cozi and Jbronze tanning line. She is impressive in every way.

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#6 Miss Universe 1980

161 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Healthy, athletic blonde leading lady Shawn Weatherly was elected Miss Universe in 1980. Four years later, she made her first film, Cannonball Run II, and co-starred in her first weekly TV series, Shaping Up.

She got her career started after winning the Miss Universe title.

#5 Miss Universe 2003

921 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Amelia Vega brought the Miss Universe title to the Dominican Republic in 2003. She is one of the youngest winners ever, at the age of 18.

Her beauty, impressive personality and her musician skills make her win the contest. She is listed as an actress, singer, model and charity worker these days.

#4 Miss Universe 1952

763 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Armi Kuusela from Finland was the first ever Miss Universe. After her the glorious win, there was a Finnish movie made of her, meaning World’s most beautiful girl.

She also received the Order of White Rose medal from her native land Finland.

#3 Miss Universe 2000

376 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Lara Dutta is a native of India and in 2000, she scored the highest finalist interview score in the history of Miss Universe Contest. Since being crowned, she has had a successful acting career in Bollywood.

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#2 Miss Universe 2012

28 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Olivia Culpo represented the United States of America and brought the title of Miss Universe in 2012, for the first time in 15 years.

This stunning beauty was just 20 years old when she won the title.

#1 Miss Universe 1990

312 The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Mona Grudt has been nicknamed as “The Beauty Queen of Hell”. She has such an amazing face, beautiful body and dark green eyes that any man can be cast under her spell. Grudt wasn’t sure of winning the contest, but her modesty made her the first Norwegian to capture the Miss Universe title.

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