Tattooing freckles: new fashion trend!

Thanks to Kendall Jenner fashion freckles take over the world! Now, however, it is not necessary to be born redhead to go with konopushki.

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1. Rejoice, fans of freckles! With the advent of this beauty, quirks, you can tattoo their konopushki.

2. Now this trend is gaining popularity instagramny incredibly rapidly.

3. Information for those who are not familiar with this trend. This is a cosmetic procedure in which the freckles on the face of small dots are applied with the help of pale ink. It looks all very natural!

4. If you want, you can add freckles but only for a certain part of the face, for example, on the wings of the nose.

5. And if you can not wait to release your inner cheetah, just order from the tattoo masters freckles all over his face.

6. Tattooing can also stress existing freckles, making them more visible.

7. If you are concerned about the question of how much artificial freckles will be present on your face, we have to calm down. Because they are kept for about two years, and then gradually fade away and disappear.

8. Another important advantage of freckles tattooed is that, unlike freckles, painted with the help of make-up, they will not leave you on a hot day, as well as their residues do not stain your pillow boyfriend.

9. Seriously, thanks to this trend, opportunities and options for artificial freckles are endless! As soon turn fantasy!

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