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Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina Shayk

The British men’s magazine GQ released its annual list of the greatest beauties of the world [Photos]
inx960x640 Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina ShaykHannah Davis became the first in the list of the sexiest women in the world 2016. Photos: Sports Illustrated.

Each year, the British edition of GQ magazine selects seven of the sexiest women in the world. All of them, of course, celebrities – actress, singer and model. This time, the experts also ranked first beauties of the world-2016 among the stars it is published on the website edition. All participants Top 7 appear at this year’s GQ cover. The list is given without specifying the locations, however, the first in the ranking was the American model Hannah Davis – a rising star of the catwalks and glossy.

1. Hannah Davis

wx1080 Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina Shayk


26-year-old blue-eyed American confidently breathes in the back of the head veteransham beach photo shoots – such as the Irina Shayk and Keyt Apton. Hanna several years acted for the special issue of swimsuits Sports Illustrated, and in 2015 he graced the cover (remember, Russian Irina Shayk appeared on the cover of SI in 2011). In July this year, Hannah married the 41-year-baseball athlete. So I’m sorry, guys – the girl is already occupied.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

wx1080 Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina Shayk


35-year-old Brazilian fashion model is not the first year is the most beautiful “angel” famous lingerie brand Victoria’s secret. And year after year gets into the top ten highest paid model in the world. Following his colleague and compatriot Zhizel Bundhen Ambrosio mastering the production of clothing. Alessandra has launched his own line of swimwear. In addition, it is – the “face” of brands such as Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. However, Alessandra could well afford and do not work: her common-law husband – businessman Dzheymi Mazur – made a fortune of $ 20 million to college students selling designer jeans under its own brand Underground Denim. Couple together since 2005. Model and businessman met at the wedding of mutual friends. In 2008 they had a daughter Anya Luiza Ambrosio Mazur,. And in 2012 – the son of Noa Feniks Ambrosio-Mazur.

3. Selena Gomez

Ex-boyfriend Dzhastina Bibera, singer Selena Gomez is not only performing on the stage, but also manages to be in the movies. Not so long ago, 24-year-old pop princess announced that he was taking time out to heal. The singer stops touring for the fight against serious disease – lupus erythematosus. Apparently, fans will be looking forward to her return.

4. Kim Kardashian

wx1080 Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina Shayk


The most curvaceous model America dropped after the birth of her son almost 30 kilograms and has taken out the big guns: his own body, which she bares with or without cause. No doubt, in a bathing suit, Kim looks impressive. No wonder the only one Instagrame have it – 82 million subscribers.

5. Ana De Armas

28-year-old Spanish-Cuban actress used to live in Madrid , but then moved to Los Angeles . By Ana crazy all of Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries – and it is a multi-million army of fans. The actress became famous for starring in the Spanish TV series “Black Lagoon”, which was followed by a proposal from the producers of big movies.

6. Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress and model, “Miss World 2000”. Having won the crown of a beauty queen Priyanka had several roles in Bollywood, and later in Hollywood. Now the 32-year-old beauty lives in Los Angeles and writes the next single – Priyanka also sings well.

7. Heyli Klauson

wx1080 Seven of the sexiest women in the world: 2016 rating topped rival Irina Shayk

Photos: Sports Illustrated

Another blue-eyed American model. It was Haley got on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the current 2016. 20-year-old blonde from California for four years, made its way from the normal model to the character of an advertising campaign the best Agent Provocateur underwear in the world.


Diets and exercise will not make you “a girl in a million”

– «GQ» – the magazine that sets trends, so turned on its cover girl priori be sexy in the eyes of men – said fashion designer Igor Gulyaev. – To get to such a rating – it is a huge job. Firstly, it is necessary to “shoot”. Nowadays, it is hard than a surprise, and not just be beautiful and sexy, you need to be remembered. The correct form of the body will not make you “a girl in a million,” if your eyes do not burn if you do not radiate a positive and looking at you, there are no emotions. These emotions can be different – you can want to hug, kiss, or just to talk. The main thing that you want (in the broadest sense of the word).

Try to push someone out of the rankings, take someone else’s place is not necessary! This is the main mistake of people who want to break into the world of gloss. You have to be yourself, to love their job and be faithful to him. We each have a role to play in life: be yourself, other roles are already occupied. For example, the prima donna of our platform Alla Borisovna Pugacheva beyond ratings. In general, of our celebrities in the ranking of the most sought after Russian stars, I would have included Ani Lorak beautiful, stylish and extravagant Alsou Kathy Topuriya, refined Kristinu Orbakayte, talented Tina Kandelaki and Valeria.

Frankly, I am skeptical about the rating, it is still something average. Often, people find themselves in an outsider just because they did not take the majority. But the rating of sexuality – it’s a good story glossy, selling, rating and pleasing to the eye. Nothing wrong with it do not see, but to blindly trust him, too, would not.

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