Scientists have found an underwater pool – no living being could return from there alive

It’s like something from science fiction, but recently a team of young scientists decided to explore the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. They managed to make an astonishing discovery – at the bottom of the bay there was an underwater lake.

Similar pools with salt water are not something rare. But this lake is unique, it is mortally dangerous for almost all organisms that fall into the salt lake. This place was nicknamed “Jacuzzi of despair” and not in vain …

See some beautiful shots I’ve never seen before! Clearly visible and the difference in water in the lake and around it. There is not a single large living organism visible. Or so it seems only at first? Look what it is in the distance? Do you see this unusual animal?

The water in these places contains about 5 times more salt than the rest of the water in the bay. In the waters of this lake there is also a high concentration of methane and hydrogen sulphide. Only very hardy creatures can live under such conditions.

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