Scientists have deduced the relationship between the shape of the nose and sex

Attention to the face: according to the latest research conducted among thousands of pairs, the shape of the nose of a man can be easily judged on his sexual potential in bed.

Scientists of one From international universities conducted a survey of more than 1600 women who for more frankness anonymously answered questions … about the connection of the form of the nose of their partner with what he Especially in bed … And they came to this conclusion: who has a big nose – that big … no, not a genital organ, but sexual potential. “With a long nose, researchers assure, a man and breathe easier in bed, which means he is more inclined To experiments, according to the publication Oane.ws.A most passionate lovers are snub-nosed young people.

Russian specialists meanwhile have a different view of … the problem.

– No relationship between the nose shape and behavior in There is really no bed, – the sexologist, the candidate of medical sciences, Associate professor, doctor-psychotherapist Dmitry Isaev. – Sex hormones responsible for the development of the sexual organ do not participate in the formation of other parts of the body, so from the point of view of physiology such parallels are scientifically not substantiated.

%name Scientists have deduced the relationship between the shape of the nose and sex

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On the other hand, these researchers refer not to science, but to statistics, or rather, to a survey conducted by him. Perhaps these lucky women who have sex with owners of big noses, in a sexual way, everything is fine. On the other hand, another question is what is considered an experiment in the intimate sense. After all, what seems like a liberation for some, for others – the most banal, boring sex.

– The main advantage of a man in this regard is not the propensity to novelty, but the orientation towards a partner, the desire to satisfy it, and not to do experiments For the sake of experimentation, “our expert notes.

And that’s right, and then, instead of orgasm, leave a partner with a nose. Let and with a large one.

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