Scientists have declared the most beautiful nationality by aristocratic standards

All European tourists who visited Georgia, from ancient times consider Georgian women to be the most beautiful. And it’s like Europeans and Asians, and Turks, Arabs and Persians. All of them dreamed of mixing the blood of their nation with the Georgian, so that the children would turn out to be equally beautiful. By the way, the Persians eventually succeeded. (Immanuel Kant – German philosopher, the founder of German classical philosophy) scientists have declared the most beautiful nationality by aristocratic standards Scientists have declared the most beautiful nationality by aristocratic standards

The old traveler Chardin said that the Persians were very beautiful and stately. There was not one famous Persian, whose mother was not Georgian or Circassian. He stressed that it was these nationalities that possessed incredible beauty.

(Charles Darwin – English naturalist and traveler)

Ritzel said: Wherever I have been and how many women have not seen, it is the Georgians who are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

(The German scientist Rietzel (“The Czar Purceli” No. 1020))

The famous Chardin wrote in 1671:

“The Kartvelian tribe is the most beautiful in the whole East and, I can say, in the whole world. Here I could not see any ugly man and not one ugly woman. They are beautiful all. Most of the Georgians are gifted with such charm, which in another place you will not find. It is difficult to depict the beauty of the face and the gracefulness of the figure of the Georgian: they are representative, tender, have a thin stan. You will rarely see fat women. ”

Memoire sur l’ethnographie de la Perse” (Paris, 1866):

“The Georgian nation has long been characterized by the elegance of its type and that the purity of the Georgian and Circassian blood is the responsibility of the Persians and Turks by improving their inherently rough type, helped by the countless evictions that have long been carried out from Georgia and Circassia”

Emil Francois Dessen

“… Georgians are a people, although militant, but able to appreciate the pleasures. Cooking and dancing are their strongest national traits. In the numerous gardens bordering Tiflis and on the terraces – the roofs of the Tiflis sakel – you can often see flocks of young girls and young men performing incendiary dances … “

“Georgians by appearance belong to the number of the most beautiful peoples of the globe; They are tall and sturdy, have a gentle and clean complexion, luxurious hair and big eyes. The Georgians are kindhearted, affectionate and extremely hospitable. Their passion for dances and songs is remarkable … “(from the” Geography of the Russian Empire “in 1892). Blumenbach considered the ideal of a man whose origins are Georgian, believing that it is a prototype of a white man. He wrote: The Caucasian type – I took this type, the mountain type of the Caucasus, for study, because its southern slope produces the most beautiful race of people, under this race I primarily mean Georgians. ”

Georgian -Cherkess settlements in Iran

Mixed Georgian-Circassian settlements, as well as individual Circassian settlements were founded in the XVII century. In the province of Fars. Pietro Della Valle, who visited these places in 1621, noted that the plain around Asupas was dotted with Circassian and Georgian settlements. The settlements of the Circassians and Georgians in Kashk-i-Zar and Main were called, according to the plan of the Shah, to guard the Isfahano-Shiraz road from the robber raids of Kurds.

Sir Thomas Herbert passed through this area in 1627: “The next night we spent in Asupas; In him and around him lives at least forty thousand Georgians and sarcas (Circassians) who profess Christianity; They venerate St. George and consider their patron Cappadocian bishop.

gorgian Scientists have declared the most beautiful nationality by aristocratic standards

They are distinguished from Muslims by their gray eyes, which Aristotle considered the most important sign of temperament, as opposed to the black color of most Persians; As well as long blond hair, which they, like the antique dandies of the descriptions of Pliny and Lucian, are pulled together by thin bands of silk, gold or silver. And if one of them accepts Islam, which happens more and more often, they consider this to be very contemptible. Poor souls! Learning that we are Christians, they crowded around us and many of them shed tears. “

(Cited by: Oberling P. Georgians and Cirsassians in Iran, p.140.)

Georgians are a militant and fearless people. They are brave warriors, strong in body and firm in faith. The innumerable Georgian army inspires fear of the Saracens. Many times they inflicted great damage on Persia, Media and Assyria, near their borders they live, always surrounded by tribes of infidels.

These people call themselves Georgians, because they worship and honor St. George, whom they chose as their patron and painted his image on their banners, which they bear during the battle. They revere George above all other saints. The Persians called the Georgians “gyurids”, which means the wolf, and the country their gurjistan is a country of wolves.

The Arabic chronicler and political figure al-Umari (died in 1348) describes Georgians as “supporters of the religion of the cross”, adding that the Egyptian Mamluk sultans used to refer to the Georgian ruler as “To the great monarch, the hero, the brave , Fair to his subjects, the successor of the Greek rulers, the defender of the land of his knights, the defender of the faith in Jesus, the sacred leader of the Christian heroes, the best of friends and friend of rulers and sultans. ” For their part, the Georgian rulers emphasized their role as defenders of the faith, placing on their coins the inscription “Sword of faith” or “Defender of the Lord”, executed in Arabic and Persian languages ​​… “

David Lang. “The Georgians. The Keepers of Shrines. “

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