Read the Signs of your hands!

Our hands are so expressive that they can tell more about the individual than his face. We are very often deceived, looking at the “honest” faces of some politicians, sophisticated fraudsters and petty liars. In an effort to achieve the goal, they simply skillfully change the “masks”. With hands, the situation is different. They can not be changed at all desire. Therefore, the information they carry can be trusted unconditionally.

The shape and patterns of the hands – “key” to the soul

Sometimes there is enough a quick glance to understand what a person is. Long, narrow hands with thin, straight, long fingers speak of a soul vulnerable, tender, often feeling alone, misunderstood, suffering. Brushes of the opposite type look quite different: large, fleshy, with wide palms, thick short fingers. They belong to the energetic, self-assured individuals who always find an occasion for joy. But such unequivocal palms are not found very often, most people have “mixed” types of hands. This does not make them less informative, just requires some skills and experience in “reading.”

The shape, size of the palms can give a general characteristic to a person. And clarifying details can be gleaned by reading the drawings on the inside of the brushes.

Palm Patterns

Dermatoglyphics is a young branch of anthropology devoted to the study of comb skin on the palm surface. She is just over a hundred years old. But a unique experience has already accumulated, which opens the simplest path to the most objective knowledge of man.

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You can understand the characteristics of any individual by carefully examining the pattern of patterns on the palm of your hand. Coming in simple and / or intricate patterns, scallops are able to tell about many things:

• External characteristics (growth, features of the complexion, hair color, eyes),
• racial, ethnicity
• state Physical
• the presence of genetic disruptions;
• predisposition to longevity;
• the level of adaptive abilities;
• good nature or aggression …

Monomorphic hands are easier to analyze. Such a term is used by specialists, seeing the repetition of one drawing on all ten fingers.

Arcs – the rarest type of drawing

The most simple patterns, located on the first phalanx of fingers, are arcs. Their owners are distinguished by concreteness of thinking, ambition, purposefulness. These people can not easily adapt to change. Getting in an unfamiliar environment, they experience anxiety. At first they can give the impression of haughty, arrogant. But behind this lies the elementary inability to quickly “fit” into a new environment, to get used to strangers.

Palmistry meaning for M on hand 640x360 Read the Signs of your hands!

Holders of a large number of arcs are true, not inclined to conspiracies, intrigues. If something does not suit them, they have the courage to declare it in the face of the opponent. They have a good reaction, they make decisions quickly, they are not inclined to change them under the pressure of other people. Stubborn, persistent.

Usually strong in spirit, reliable in love, faithful in friendship. If in addition to simple arcs on the middle fingers there are “tent”, we can say that the individual “made himself”. He achieved prosperity without the patronage of the powerful of this world, often having very modest opportunities at the start of adulthood. The “tent” arcs on other fingers speak of nobility, generosity, compassion, pride.

From the owners of 10 arcs are obtained the ideal military, prosecutors, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. They can be found among successful top managers of large companies and officials. The will to win makes them an excellent attacker in game sports (hockey, football), allows you to win races / swings for short distances.

In the presence of signs indicating creative talents (for example, a curl on an anonymous finger), an individual has a chance to become famous in music, literature or painting. But due to personal qualities, it will be difficult for such an individual to achieve an objective assessment of his abilities.

Very rare are the hands on which the number of arcs predominates over the number of other drawings. Such people are not more than 10-15% of the total population. But they are always bright, extraordinary personalities.

The hinges are a symbol of flexibility

There are two types of hinges – ulnar, open towards the little finger, and radial, open in the direction of the thumb. The former are considered to be ordinary phenomena. But the presence of radial loops often distinguishes an individual from the general mass of people, evidencing some of its features.

palmistry marks 1 Read the Signs of your hands!

If the number of ulnar loops on the fingers prevails over other patterns, a person can quickly and painlessly adapt to any environmental conditions, be it life, change of work or new acquaintances.

These people are easier than others to change their professions, quickly learn new skills. They are ideal middle managers, real workaholics. They are able to find compromises in the most difficult situations. They are distinguished by their objectivity in assessing the activities of subordinate employees. They are able to be indulgent towards the inadequate behavior of their bosses, without informing the collective of the absurdity of their demands or the bias of evaluations when this happens. Consistent, demanding of themselves and moderately strict to subordinates. They are able to “get into position”. They are distinguished by the dedication of the company in which they work, reliability, the constant desire to maintain their own competence at the proper level.

People of these signs have practically no restrictions in the choice of professions. Their diligence makes it possible to achieve success in any activity: pedagogy, journalism and advocacy, construction and architecture, industrial production and agriculture, social work, power structures …

Carriers of many loops can often be found among outstanding athletes. They are many in hockey, football, figure skating, rowing and running for long distances, in basketball and volleyball. But more often on the hands of these people there are loops with a high crest count or they are combined with curls.

Among long-livers, most of the owners of loops. This is due to their ability to solve problems with the least loss of vitality. Difficulties are perceived by them as temporary difficulties, which are sure to be overcome.

Analyzing the owners of loops, it is necessary to take into account the magnitude of the crest count of the figure from the center to the delta. If there are very few scallops (1-3), one can say that the qualities characteristic of the owners of arcs are inherent in a person. And if there are a lot of scallops (from 7 or more), the individual has the qualities inherent in the carriers of the most complex signs – curls.

The owners of loops are the most among the european population of our country – 60-65%.

Curls – an amazing ability to solve and create problems

The most promising drawings. Their bearers are given a little more than other people. They have a huge supply of vitality, a rich imagination, great adaptive abilities, flexible psyche, huge physical potential.

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But what nature has given to them with such generosity is not always possible to use to the fullest. These people are often lazy, inconsistent, inclined to frequent change of occupation, whether it be a profession or a hobby. Easily “light up” with noble ideas, and just as easily dismiss them. They often lack bright impressions. In pursuit of the acute sensations that give meaning to their lives, they are able to organize or get involved in any intrigue, inflate to an incredible size a small rumor, significantly complicating someone’s life. All this is not out of a desire to harm someone, but in the desire to have fun, to do something that can tickle your nerves and become a reason for vivid experiences.

It would seem that, being carriers of a large supply of life energy and unique adaptive capacity, these people should be long-lived. But no! The unbridled desire for a vibrant and emotionally charged life is often the cause of the early “burning” of these people. They are very addicted, live one day, thoughtlessly wasting precious life energy.

For these people it is very important that there are close people close to them, able to send them in time, to support them in a moment of weakness when one wants to give up everything. Then they face incredible opportunities.

It’s simplest for these people to realize themselves in a business that they like. In this case, they are able not to spare themselves. Their distinctive feature is “no ceiling” – any set goal can be achieved. To do this, they have a sufficient supply of power. The main thing is that the lack of will and laziness characteristic of them be prevented.

Favorite business is able to completely captivate them. Famous and successful people with a predominance of curls are many among artists and artists, poets and writers, outstanding scientists. These are very uneasy people.

If the right hand has more curls than on the left, a person is hot-tempered. But he quickly and forever forgets an unpleasant incident. Under the reverse picture, the situation is more complicated. The predominance of the curls on the left hand indicates a latent aggression, the desire to avenge the offense, the ability to long bear the revenge plan.

The carriers of curling patterns are approximately 20-25% of the total population of the country.

A little practice in everyday life

Only at first glance it seems that it’s difficult to understand patterns. But how much useful can you learn about those who are next to us, just looking at your hands. And your own actions and desires can find an explanation, figuring out the patterns of your own palms.

Having studied the drawings of the baby’s handles, one can understand the reasons for his whims or insults. And looking at the line of his son, finishing school, help him not make a mistake with the choice of profession. Comparing your own palms with the palms of the spouse (s), you can accurately determine the origins of some family problems. forests from another planet in the world of interest Read the Signs of your hands!

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