Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

A camera is a technique, the cost of which can vary from a few thousand to a couple of million rubles (for example, the medium-format Hasselblad H4D-60 costs 40 thousand dollars). Therefore, for our rating to be of interest to a wide range of readers, and not just those who have an unlimited budget, we decided to make the main criterion of choice the price / quality ratio.

In this article, you will not see any more disputes about which camera is better – Canon or Nikon, mirror or mirrorless, full-frame or full-frame, but get a selection of cameras checked by thousands of users, the purchase of each of which will be successful. And now we turn to the rating of cameras on the quality of images of 2017.

Mirror Photographic Cameras

For reference: the full-frame camera has a matrix measuring 36 * 24 mm, the crypted – 23.6 * 15.8.

FF is able to give a better image at high ISO and gives more control over the depth of field, while the croep wins at a more affordable price.

Full-frame cameras

Full-frame camera with a matrix of 36 * 24 mm in size was previously a luxury that only professional photographers could afford. Now fullframe can often be seen in the hands of amateurs, they are bought not only for commerce, but also for the soul. If you want to buy FF and know exactly why you need it, we recommend that you pay attention to the following models.

Canon 5D Mark 4

5D-M4 is a professional camera that came to replace the popular 5D-M3. The most discussed novelty of 2016 did not disappoint: the Kenon 5D-M4 acquired a new 30.4 MP sensor, an improved focus system, a set of all kinds of wireless sensors (Wi-Fi + NFC, GPS) and video recording in 4K resolution.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 03 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

In all other respects this is still the same reliable workhorse for professionals, which has suffered minor improvements on all fronts. 5D Mark 4 can be recommended to most commercial photographers, it is suitable for any genre – from portrait and advertising to reportage shooting and videography. The price is from 190 thousand rubles.

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 is an excellent universal fullframe with a moderate resolution (24.3 MP), high speed of serial shooting (up to 6.5 frames / second) and very tenacious autofocus. Among the advantages of the D750, we note the rotary screen, trouble-free operation at high ISO (complete absence of noise up to 6400), the presence of two slots for memory cards, a Wi-Fi module and good autonomy.

highres Nikon D750 DSLR 4 1411648741 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Disadvantages – limited to 1/4000 minimum exposure threshold, slow focus in LiveView mode and a small information display. But, nevertheless, this is a well-balanced camera, which can be considered an excellent choice for all comers to get acquainted with the full frame. The price is from 110 thousand rubles.

Sony A99

The A99 is a camera whose unique feature is the use of a translucent mirror, thanks to which engineers were able to realize autofocus in video mode, which in addition to the built-in stabilizer makes the A99 one of the best full-frame DSLRs for video shooting.

70286 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

As part of the photo A99 does not graze the rear, the camera produces excellent image quality, with pleasant color rendition, excellent detail and dynamic range, but it is inferior to the analogs from Canon and Nikon in terms of autonomy and efficiency of tracking autofocus. The price is from 125 thousand rubles.

Canon 6D Mark

Canon 6D – the most affordable fullframe on the market, which rightfully can be considered “popular”. 6D is made in a case made of magnesium alloy, its dimensions are more compact than those of professional DSLRs, but there are no complaints about ergonomics. As well as the quality of testing high ISO – at the level of older colleagues.

6D II Mockup Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

But it was not without drawbacks: that 6D did not compete with the 5D line, it cut down the focusing system (only 11 points of which were 1 cross-shaped), left 1 slot for the flash drive and limited the buffer size (7 frames RAW) and serial speed Shooting (4.5 fps). Despite all the drawbacks, there are no 6D analogues among fullframes, since in its person a full frame can be obtained only 70-80 thousand rubles.

Busted cameras

Despite all the attractiveness of the full frame, it is most rational to begin acquaintance with photography precisely from the crocheted cameras. And for this purpose the following models are best suited.

Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is a great amateur camera, time-tested. Nikons series D3300 have everything that a beginner photographer can need: the device copes well with noise on the ISO range up to 3200, has a decent dynamic range, which gives full possibilities for post-processing photos, and tenacious autofocus on 11 points (also there is a rangefinder for manual Focusing).

303697 zoom Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

The lack of automatic mode HDR and the module Wi-Fi, which does not allow to control the descent from the smartphone and synchronize the device with a PC for file transfer, will be written down as flaws. But considering all the above advantages and a price of 30 thousand rubles, the minuses are not critical. If you are looking for an inexpensive and good SLR camera, you can safely take the D3300.

Canon 750D

The 750D is one of the flagship models of the amateur segment of Canon. The camera has a 24 MP matrix with 19 focus points (all cross-shaped), a rotary touch screen and a Wi-Fi module. 750D can be praised for quality noise, thanks to which the images have an acceptable detail up to ISO 6400, and excellent rate of fire – 5 fps, buffer for 8 pictures, which allows using the camera for reportage purposes.

canon eos 750d lcd Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Disadvantages – flimsy plastic case and the lack of the ability to record Full HD video with a frame rate above 30 FPS. The price is from 40 thousand rubles.

Nikon D500

D500 – a professional-level camera, sharpened for a reportage photo. The D500 inherited many of the features of the top D5, in particular, it can shoot at speeds up to 10 fps and has an advanced 153-point focusing system that allows you to get a high-quality snapshot of any dynamic scenes.

323215 zoom Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Among the advantages of the D500 – not a noisy matrix with a really working ISO 6400, lightning speed, rotary touch screen, large and light viewfinder, and advanced management and settings. The price is from 130 thousand rubles.

Canon 7D Mark 2

7D Mark ll is an excellent choice for commercial photography. The camera, made in a protected case, has a professional autofocus system (65 crosspoints) and a viewfinder with 100% frame coverage. Among the main advantages is a high level of working ISO (up to 3200), immaculately working metering and natural color rendering.

3 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

The disadvantage, apart from the price (from 75 thousand rubles), which is close to the cost of full-rate entry-level, one – a modest battery life from a single battery.

Mirrorless cameras with interchangeable optics

If you buy a camera “for the soul”, then it makes sense to choose mirrorless cameras that are much more convenient due to their compact dimensions, but they are almost inferior to SLRs in the quality of photos, and in terms of video recording capabilities, they break out far ahead .

Sony A7 II

Sony A7 II – full-frame, mirrorless professional camera, claiming to be the best PPC on the market. The camera is equipped with a matrix of 24 MP, a hybrid autofocus system (117 phase and 25 contrast sensors) and a 5-axis matrix image stabilization system.

1661991858001 3998284594001 Sonya7II YT Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

The A7-II without any problems allows you to get a “cinematic” picture when recording video, which is recorded in 4K, 2K and Full HD (24-50 FPS) formats, and does not fold when shooting a photo – the matrix feels good on ISO up Up to 6400. The price is from 230 thousand rubles.

Panasonic G7

If you want to make smart videos, but are not ready to give 230 thousand for Sony A7-ll, then Panasonic G7 is your choice. This is the most affordable PZK with the ability to record video in 4K (24/25/30 FPS), which boasts a tenacious and fast autofocus of 49 points, a flip-up screen and a Wi-Fi module.

screenshot 2017 02 20 001 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

However, for the high quality of the video (and it’s really excellent here), you have to sacrifice photo opportunities. The pictures taken on the G7 are often not detailed enough, and the matrix is ​​noisy already at ISO 1600. But all this is overlapped by the price, which is only 50-60 thousand rubles.

Fujifilm X-T2

X-T2 is the flagship mirrorless from Fujifilm, which can be considered one of the most technologically advanced hybrid cameras on the market. X-T2 is strong both in terms of photos (smart detail and color rendering), and with video shooting (4K): it is equipped with a system of autofocus of 325 points, which copes with any shooting scenarios, and can shoot at up to 15 frames per second .

0 1620cb 79a7a1b3 orig Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Among the advantages of X-T2 – beautiful design and body with protection from dust and moisture, long-term autonomy from one charge, decent picture quality at high ISO ranges. There are no shortcomings, as such, we note only small control elements with which it will be difficult to cope with the owners of large hands. The price is from 110 thousand rubles.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II

In the budget segment of the PPC, the king of the ball is the E-M10ll, which bypasses competitors in terms of functionality and balance of characteristics. The device is made in a metal case with a retro style, the resolution of the matrix is ​​16 MP, the images are very warm and bright, pleasant in color reproduction both in RAW and in JPEG, without any post-processing. Working ISO up to 3200.

highres Olympus OMD EM10 MarkII 14 1441638604 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

We have included in the rating of E-M10ll as a universal choice for any novice photo amateur and people who do not want to pay fabulous money for the camera. This is a beautiful camera with excellent image quality, which can be bought for only 35-40 thousand rubles.

Compact cameras

The segment of compact cameras is extremely diverse, it can be found everything from banal “soapboxes” for a few thousand, to premium full-frame cameras, which cost more than professional SLRs. It’s this kind of camera that starts our rating.

Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II

The price of Sony RX1R II is crazy 290 thousand rubles. The camera is able to surprise with a matrix with a resolution of 42 MP, a 35 / 2.0 Carl Zeiss Sonar T lens, an electronic viewfinder, an inclined touch screen and Wi-Fi. And of course – the best among the compacts is the autofocus system and a huge dynamic range (the maximum working ISO 6400).

Z SONY RX1RM2 FRONTLEFTEVF Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

As part of the photo RX1R II is gorgeous, the picture is bright, juicy and detailed, even when shooting a camera JPEG, but the video is not all so smooth. The device does not know how to record in 4K and can not boast of the presence of autofocus in video-shooting mode. In general, for street photography, subject to an unlimited budget – the very thing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

The Lumix DMC-LX100 is notable for the Leica lens (24-75 mm zoom with f / 1.7-f / 2.8 f / 2.8) and the ability to record 4K video, which is extremely rare among compacts. In all other respects, this is a perfectly balanced camera with a full set of technological chips (viewfinder, Wi-Fi, numerous mechanical controls, a smart processor that can shoot at up to 11 fps).

highres Panasonic Lumix LX100 Black 4 1412597799 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

In our opinion, if you are satisfied with the focal length of the built-in lens, it is better to choose the DMC-LX100 than the SLR / lens + lens kit. Thus, you will win in the usability (size, weight), and in addition you can save a lot. The price is from 49 thousand rubles and the deserved rating is 5 points by the price / quality ratio.

Fuji X70

The X70 is equipped with a fixed lens Fujinon 28 / 2.8, which allows you to take pictures of stunning quality – both in terms of sharpness and color rendering. This is a perfect camera for street photography, which takes compact size and smart automation, which makes it possible to get the device from your pocket and take a picture in seconds.

33 2 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Among the advantages of the X70 are the design, convenient operation, wide dynamic range and a decent working ISO (3200). Disadvantages – the lack of a viewfinder and image stabilization system. The price is from 40 thousand rubles.

Olympus TG-4

The Olympus TG-4 is a comparatively cheap compact, an excellent choice for people who do not have a fictional picture. The TG-4 is ideal for any kind of operation, from home photography to extreme photography on vacation, which the camera will with dignity be carried by a dust-moisture-proof case (shooting at a depth of up to 15 meters).

highres Olympus Stylus Tough TG 4 3 1440592241 Rating of cameras according to the quality of images of 2017

Among the nice little things, we highlight the support for RAW, optical stabilization, fast and accurate autofocus, the presence of Wi-Fi and GPS modules, as well as the ability to shoot in mode Priority aperture with manual ISO setting, which allows you to squeeze the maximum quality of photos from TG-4 in low light. Cons – mediocre video quality. The price is from 21 thousand rubles.

At this rating, in which we reviewed the best cameras of 2017, comes to an end. Good luck in choosing and remember that a beautiful photograph does not make a technique, but a photographer.

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