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Psychological Techniques to arrange for yourself👨 👩✊

The psychological techniques described below will come to your rescue if you need to arrange for yourself an interlocutor or achieve the desired in communication with him.✊

If you want another person to get to you and do something important for you, ask him first about a minor secondary favor. And then – go to the main request. The logic is simple: a person is always embarrassing to refuse, and subsequent requests will not be categorically rejected.

Do you need to please a particular person or get an opinion from him on your question? Then, asking him a question, take the necessary position – to the left or to the right of the interlocutor. The secret is that the phrases spoken in the right ear affect the logic of the person, and in the left – on the feelings (in accordance with the spheres of influence of the hemispheres of the brain).

7 ways to arrange for yourself any Psychological Techniques to arrange for yourself👨 👩✊

When you want to hear the truth from a companion, go for the trick. Look at the opponent’s eyes, without taking his eyes off. He will begin to feel uncomfortable, and in response to your questions he will say everything he thinks.

The previous reception works also against ill-wishers. If a person at any opportunity tries to pick you up, then, to neutralize the offender, sit next to him and try to look into his eyes. Then it will not be easy for a person to say something negative about you.

In the company of people you feel a glance, but do not know from whom it comes? Demonstratively start yawning and look around: the one who watches you will also yawn.

If you want to make a good impression on a person on the first date, designate him in a special place. The secret is to cause a person to adrenaline, which is responsible for the excitement and pleasure. So go to the rides, go through the extreme quest, watch an interesting film – and, most likely, you will get an answer to your feelings.

It is proved that contemplation of food affects a person soothingly. If you want to establish a relationship with someone, invite this person to have lunch. A man who watches how he eats another, forgets about aggression and problems. forests from another planet in the world of interest Psychological Techniques to arrange for yourself👨 👩✊

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