Proper way of apologizing for every sign of Zodiac

You acted wickedly. It happens, what can you do? But how to properly ask for forgiveness and try to make amends, in order, on the contrary, not to aggravate the situation? Each person has his own reactions: some are writhing in a rage, some are shouting, and some are just starting to ignore you. Each sign of the zodiac reacts differently when you refer to it with apologies, so be careful.

1. Aries

Really excuse, but be ready to almost kiss Aries ass, because for less as an apology, he does not agree. Also be prepared for his aggressive shouts, as the first reaction to your peacekeeping operations. Let him free all this anger, and then Aries will be ready for a serious conversation about how to make amends.

2. Taurus

Taurus loves productive and responsible conversations, so do not even worry about how he will take it. He is likely to listen carefully to your apologies. However, in fact, Taurus just really want to talk about how he feels and why he is right. Do not even think about trying to compromise, because you will not get it from Taurus.

3. Gemini

Do not leave Gemini alone after a quarrel or an incident, they are really afraid of it. Ignoring does not help, so apologize as quickly as possible, or Gemini is likely to have a nervous breakdown, as they expect this from you. This sign, of course, will be a little capricious and twist your nose, but in the end will forgive you.

4. Cancer

Asking Cancer for forgiveness is simple – he will accept any apology. If you just do not make this sign cry for pain, then he will always forgive you. Cancer is very loyal, it does not know how to keep evil, that’s why many are shamelessly using them. Be kind and open about Cancer – he deserves it.

5. Leo

When you come to apologize, Leo, most likely, will arrange a bright show with a bunch of emotions. He can even talk to you superfluous and often offensive, so that you feel particularly guilty and very unworthy person. Nod your head and wait for time to let the Lion bring his solo appearance to the end.

6. The Virgin

The virgin will accept your apologies if they are truly sincere and convincing. This sign has a tendency to overly criticize themselves and others, so its self-esteem will definitely be the subject of discussion during the apology. The best thing you can do is to give the Virgin a feeling of being loved and appreciated.

7. Libra

This can be the simplest apology in your life! Libra is always ready to meet, and they are incredibly diplomatic, so this sign will take you with open arms if you correctly lead the conversation. If you are not going to apologize, then remember that Libra (like no other) can hold a stone for a long time in his bosom.

8. Scorpio

Step one: physical touch, embrace, holding hand. The physical contact for Scorpio replaces a thousand words. Nevertheless, his character is tantalizing and harmful, so be ready to slam the doors, but this will not take long. Then the Scorpio will calm down, come back and you will be able to get together and talk from the heart.

9. Sagittarius

Before Sagittarius, in most cases, it is easy to apologize. The only exception is if you made him jealous. This sign understands everything very well. He refers to life with a fair amount of levity, so you need to try very hard to offend or anger him. Just be as sincere as possible!

10. Capricorn

To be honest, Capricorn forgives with difficulty. This is a harsh and inexorable sign, able to cross out people from life and even start them openly to hate. Of course, you can try, but it will not be easy. Be prepared for several approaches, deep reverence and bowing, and even gifts for pampering.

11. Aquarius

Get ready for some passive aggressiveness, because that’s what Aquarius does perfectly. He is quite stubborn and uncompromising, so apologize firmly, persistently, persistently and do not give him the chance to leave, because he is likely to break it demonstratively. This sign depends on your inner emotions, which he really wants to hide behind a mask of anger.

12. Pisces

Pisces are dreamers and creators, therefore, when you hurt them or offend them, the Pisces fall silent and become isolated, turning into a passive victim. Do not let them retire and write compassionate poems in your room, and forcibly get the Pisces to listen to your apologies. Of course, do not go too far. If Pisces need their space, wait a little while, and then try again.

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