People went crazy when they saw these chicks hatching from eggs. Each of them costs 2000 dollars!

Although a quick look at the supermarket shelves is unlikely to tell us any valuable information, however, we clearly distinguish eggs of different colors. As a rule, it is white, yellowish or slightly brown. It turned out that sometimes you can see even blue or green eggs!

It also recently became clear that not only the color, but also the shape of these products differs. In nature, there are rare forms of eggs that you have never heard of!

In this video you will see the chicks that hatch from the eggs. The peculiarity of the video is that small chicks are of coal-black color. It turned out that the mum-chicken underwent a rare genetic mutation.

In the US and Europe, such a color of chicken is quite rare, but in Indonesia, for example, this is common.

Scientists claim that only the coloring of these creatures differs – the taste is no different, and their consumption is completely safe!

This genetic mutation is known as “Fibromelanosis” – a discoloration of the skin. However, that’s not all. Birds of this type have black meat near the bones!

Farms in Florida sell these copies for $ 2,000! While ordinary chicken is valued at less than $ 50!
Cooks say that cooking chicken meat requires a special approach. If you look closely, these creatures look pretty beautiful!

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