Names for Maine Coon boys and girls. How to call Maine Coon

Maine Coons are majestic and spectacular. This incredibly beautiful and large cat should be named and accordingly. Simple names like Vasili or Ryzhik simply are not for him.


This article will discuss the basic nuances that should be based on the choice of the nickname, as well as the most popular, sonorous and suitable names for Maine Coon .

How to call Maine Coon

One should not choose very complex and long nicknames for an animal. It will not be easy for everyone. Maine-coons will be delighted with those names in which there are hissing sounds – all animals respond very well to such variants.
List of names:

Landmarks for choosing the pet name:

  • Color. Depending on the nature of the color awarded to the cat, it can be matched with the appropriate name (Gold – for the red handsome or Snowy – for the white cat);
  • Nature. Be sure to take into account both the character and the basic habits of the pet, because they very clearly reflect the personality of the cat as a whole (Pirate – for a cat-robber or Socrates – for a cat who likes to reflect),
  • The owner’s hobbies. Curious nicknames can come up if you rely on the addiction and hobby of the owner. In this case, no doubt, one should also look at the reaction of the cat (it’s very funny when the musician lives with the cat Doremi, and the astronomer has Cat Saturn);
  • The origin. These large cats originated from America, Maine. Ancestors of animals lived on farms in North America. For this reason, interesting versions of names can be scooped directly from the atlas by geography – the short and sonorous names of cities and states of America to help you (the beautiful name for the cat is Utah and the very original name of the cat is Vegas)
  • The size. It would be foolish not to try those variants of names that clearly emphasize the delightful size and majesty of these animals (the cat Bogatyr or the cat Dobrynya).

Watch the reaction of the kuna carefully, and very soon you will see what kind of name the new member of the family has approved.

Nicknames for the Maine Coon boys

  • Athos;
  • Archie;
  • Babai;
  • The Bard;
  • Alex;
  • Hunter;
  • Murphy;
  • Black;
  • Baltazar;
  • Arnold;
  • Orion;
  • Schwartz;
  • The Knight
  • Gray;
  • Silver;
  • Smokey;
  • Terence;
  • Thomas,
  • Red;
  • Spark;
  • Tiger;
  • Fire;
  • Titan;
  • Mufasa;
  • Cobalt;
  • Jupiter;
  • Sherlock;
  • Gulliver;
  • Bruce;
  • Roquefort;
  • Nicholas;
  • Batya;
  • Bucephalus;
  • Woody;
  • Harry,
  • Saturn;
  • Sirius;
  • Neo;
  • Chester;
  • Diablo.

Choose a name for the kitten based on the color:

Names for Maine Coon Girls

  • West;
  • Lex;
  • Athena;
  • The World;
  • Louise,
  • Clarke
  • Noel;
  • Roxy;
  • Onli;
  • Brenda;
  • Holly;
  • Alaska
  • Atlanta,
  • Venus;
  • Ariadne;
  • Marilyn;
  • Brooke;
  • Samantha,
  • Nala,
  • Siggy;
  • Chelsea;
  • Laura;
  • Dakota;
  • Misty;
  • Knightley;
  • Utah;
  • Dakota;
  • Leila;
  • Yuka,
  • Lagerta,
  • Buffy;
  • Shelley;
  • Courtney;
  • April;
  • The Diva;
  • Oxy;
  • The Guide,
  • Helga;
  • Dorry;
  • Greta.

When choosing a name, one should start from not only advice, but also from one’s own inner sensation. The Maine Coon’s name should be pleasant to the ear for all those who live in the house.

A name that was given “for the sake of a joke” or “on the advice of acquaintances”, in the future may start to annoy. Therefore, make a choice with your heart, together with your majestic cat.

Love your pets and give them care daily, then any nickname pronounced by the master will respond with warmth in the animal’s chest.

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