Moms with 5 children criticized for too ideal body!

This is Simon Gately from Yorkshire, she is 35 years old, and she is the mother of five children.

She is often blamed for lying because she is in excellent physical shape after being so many times pregnant.

Many do not believe that she was physically able to give birth to five children in six years.

Users jealously criticize Simon’s chic physique, and one of the users even wrote: “I wonder if she even went through pregnancy at least once.”

The mother of many children and the owner of a degree in sports brings up five children of 10, 8, 7, 6 and 3 years old and has time to take time to practice 2 times a day.

9 months ago she created a page in Instagram (@ simonegatelyfitmum5) to share photos with other moms.

But instead of enthusiastic comments, Simon faced a flurry of negative criticism. Some even suggested that she used the services of surrogate mothers.

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