Intimate Photos of Celebrities That Were Leaked By Hackers

These girls and did not suspect that their personal correspondence, and even worse, piquant photos will be on public display.

Olga Buzova

%name Intimate Photos of Celebrities That Were Leaked By Hackers

Photo: @ buzova86

Not so long ago, the personal correspondence of Olga Buzovaya with her mother and sister, and even Dmitry Nagiyev, was included in the network. Thanks to the actions of cunning hackers, the truth about the Tarabuzikov marriage was revealed to everyone, which turned out to be not so perfect. The fans were upset, the ill-wishers snickered, and Buzova tried to keep the brand and even joked about the ambiguous correspondence. For example, during the filming of the show “Dances” on TNT, she, along with Miguel and Sergei Svetlakov, laughed heartily at the situation that had developed in her life. And Olya was the first to touch upon this topic!

– You do not write anything to me at all, “Buzova turned to her colleagues at work, laughing.

” So now you have a new saber, “Sergey Svetlakov joked back, after which Miguel literally fell under the table laughing.

Olya also laughed sincerely. And she turned to the audience: “Are they all here? And everything that happens here will remain only between us? ”

In any case, the fact remains: happy photos of family life, touching confessions of love, tender gifts and surprises to each other turned out to be only a beautiful external picture, under which Hiding uneasy relations within the family hearth of a stellar couple. It turns out that Dmitry Tarasov repeatedly asked Olga Buzov to give a divorce. Corresponding to the network of screenshots of correspondence also testify to the not simple relationship between Buzovaya and her mother.

Scarlett Johansson

%name Intimate Photos of Celebrities That Were Leaked By Hackers

Not all hackers managed to get out of punishment, Christopher Cheney, nicknamed Hollywood hacker for a long time aroused fear of famous beauties. In fact, it’s hard to call Cheney a computer genius – he stupidly picked up passwords to personal electronic boxes of stars and stole photos.

But Cheney pierced himself when he published a photo of a nude Scarlett Johansson. Reynolds, a Hollywood beauty sent her spouse a series of erotic photos from the bathroom. After the divorce Scarlett photo did not destroy. As it turned out, in vain. Photos quickly hit the net thanks to Cheney. While the hacker happily rubbed his hands, the FBI was already knocking on his door. Scarlett did not stand long with the thief, but simply sued him. As a result, Cheney was sentenced to 10 years!

Jennifer Lawrence

%name Intimate Photos of Celebrities That Were Leaked By Hackers

Jennifer sincerely sorry: she became the brightest victim of a scandalous star hacker attack, when the intimate photos of several dozen stars hit the net. “Lawrence was in the middle of a scandal, and her photos were relished by everyone who did not Laziness, even a photo Irene, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevin did not have such success, perhaps there is an explanation for several reasons: first, Jennifer is not withdrawn nude in the movie, and secondly, there were too many erotic photographs of the young beauty.

The girl was not just shocked, she was morally crushed.As Jennifer later admitted, she cried day after day of shame and was most worried that this photo would be seen by her father. “I did not allow to look at my naked body,” Jennifer protested.

This frivolous photo was intended for her then boyfriend and partner in the film “X-Men” by Nicholas Holt. By the way, despite the status “ex”, Nicholas came running to console Jennifer.

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