If you need to lose 8 kg in 1 week – this is what you need to do!

Diet for employees of General Motors.

Are you looking for the fastest way to lose weight?

In a couple of weeks will you take part in a big party and want to get into your best tight clothes? Are you going to an important date in two weeks?

You have come to the right place. Now we will tell you how seriously to lose weight in just one week.

This knowledge is important to you, as it will help you never become a victim of diet pills or advertisements, which are full on the Internet. All you need is a healthy diet and strict adherence to the regime.

Rule one: never skip meals during this special week.

A hearty meal once a day will not help you lose weight! Ideally, one should strive to ensure that breaks between meals never last longer than three hours!

Rule two: you do not have to live these days with a sense of hunger. Feel it – eat immediately!

This diet was developed in the company of General Motors.

It was created for those of its employees who would like to lose weight, but without pills and strict diets, which would have to adhere to for months. The goal of the automotive giant is to support its employees who work in offices or in production and do not have enough time and energy to take care of their health.

If you want to achieve the maximum result from the GM diet, take it very seriously. Follow the instructions carefully, buy all the necessary products in the right quantities. It has been proven by experience that this plan will help you to lose 5-8 kilograms per week. If you follow the rules unerringly.

The first day.

This is the most important day in your program. Therefore, it is necessary to devote it entirely to fruit. Eat all the fruits that you like.

The main thing – to exclude bananas from the list. And remember that water melons and melons are the best. Make sure that you do not touch any other products: neither to raw, nor to cooked vegetables, including.

Also on this day you need to drink 8-12 glasses of water.

If in the process you experience hunger, increase portions. Make assorted. Stay hungry (th) categorically not.

The second day.

He will have to be dedicated to vegetables. Choose the ones that you like. You can boil it, you can absorb it raw. Only if you cook, then make sure that you have not used any salt or oil.

On this day it is important at least once to eat a portion of boiled potatoes. It will be safe, believe me. Also, lean on carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, pumpkin, lettuce, cabbage, eggplant.

If you do everything right, then during the day, go to the toilet several times. This is extremely necessary for “major repairs” of your digestive system.

And do not forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water in these two “vegan” days!

The third day.

This is the day of the fruit and vegetable diet. You can eat anything from the list, you can not only potatoes and bananas.

The main thing is not to mix fruits and vegetables, not to eat them together. Make yourself a fruit assortment for breakfast, a vegetable salad without seasonings for lunch and eat several different fruits for dinner.

As in the first two days, do not miss the opportunity to drink more water.

The fourth day.

This day we have a banana-milk diet. Exhaust as you want, but for a day you’ll have to eat 8-10 bananas and drink three glasses of milk. There is nothing more to eat!

You may think that this will be a “hungry day,” but you will be surprised at how well you will feel this evening. The main thing is to remember that on this day you need to eat at least four times. Milk to drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And we guarantee that during the day you will not feel any signs of hunger!

The fifth day.

If you like tomatoes, then the fifth day will be a holiday for you. At dinner you will need to eat a cup of rice, and at breakfast and dinner – in the aggregate 6-7 large tomatoes.

The body will in this day produce a lot of uric acid. Therefore, you will have to try to drink 12-15 glasses of water.

The sixth day.

At noon for lunch you are allowed to eat a cup of rice. And at the rest of the day, stick to the vegetable diet, i.e. Fruit and vegetable diet. Strongly, you do not have to endure: by that time you will not have much to eat, and you will feel much better than at the beginning of the “week of losing weight.”

The seventh day.

This is the last day of your diet. You have the right to a small bowl of rice and all the vegetables you want. Fruit on this day is not, but all the food today must be washed down with fruit juices. Freshly squeezed, of course.

There is no doubt that if you follow this strict diet, then a week noticeably lose weight. And then you will not gain weight back, because this diet perfectly cleanses your digestive system. You can eat a lot, but do not get fat!

This diet should be repeated no more than once a month.

Are you ready to try? Tell us in the comments and share this diet with friends and family!

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