Hunter saw how the wolf got into the trap. What he did next, no one would have risked repeating!

John Owens is an avid fisherman and hunter. But unlike those who hunt down and kill rare animals, he strictly abides by the law.

In the homeland of John, you can hunt for coyotes, because they breed to threaten the ecosystem. And the trap, which she put, was intended just for them. But what was John’s surprise when, during the verification of the trap, he discovered in it an unexpected prey.

It was a huge gray wolf. In the local parts hunting for these animals is strictly prohibited, besides, to kill such a handsome man was not exactly included in Owens’ plans.

Without further hesitation, he decided to release the poor animal, which was in trouble. It’s hard to imagine how you could crank it all out, but John did it with a little trick …. As everything was, look in this video:

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