How to stop the flow of negative thoughts?

When you begin to pay attention to what you think, you will understand how often you poison your life with negative thoughts. Why exhaust yourself morally and physically, if you can focus on love and positive?

how to stop the flow of negative thoughts How to stop the flow of negative thoughts?

Anxiety and negative thinking very quickly become a habit that has taken root over the years. But, like any habit, it can be changed. To do this, you need to monitor yourself and interrupt the cycle of such thoughts, switching to a case. Here are a few ways that will get you back on the “right track”:

1. Praise yourself.

Remember what a delicious cake you have recently baked, or how well you trained in the gym. There is a good reception that will help quickly revive memories: keeping a “diary of achievements”. Small victories tend to fade from memory, so write in the diary of each completed case. In addition, during the writing process, very useful ideas often come to mind.

2. Say compliments.

Find a way to encourage those with whom you are facing, and say something good. Maybe the “naked” truth will be useful to someone, but it’s not about them, but about you and your emotional state. Nobody has ever regretted saying a compliment to someone. Most often, people regret their incontinence and rudeness.

3. Do 15 sit-ups.

During squats or exercises with dumbbells it is very difficult to continue to lament over your “worthless life”. And after that you will be surprised how much your energy will increase.

4. Remember the one who always inspired you.

Write a quote on paper that you liked the most, and hang it on the refrigerator. Address her constantly until she enters the subconscious.

5. Listen to another person.

You have no idea how many people who are near you want to tell something. In the end, chat, although this is not the best option. The main thing is to hear another person, and not to think about your problems. Frederick Collins said that there are two types of people: those who come into the room with the words “Well, here I am!” And those who say: “Oh, there you are.”

6. Drink a glass of clean water.

The withdrawal of toxins improves the physical state, on which our mental health also depends.

7. If possible, look for comedy.

Read anecdotes and humorous stories. Look for something funny. Do not take life too seriously. A four-year-old Jewish boy survived in Buchenwald only because his father inspired him to treat everything as a game.
Remember that there is no permanence and perfection in the world. Appreciate what you have now. Do not allow yourself to deepen the problem and ask yourself if you pay too much attention to it. Serenity has nothing to do with indifference: it’s the ability not to attach importance to small things.

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