How to refrain from extra snacks? 12 useful tips

For people trying to lose weight, sooner or later the question arises about the restriction of food. And, as a rule, most of the unnecessary calories comes to us during absolutely unnecessary and superfluous snacks.

And although doctors and nutritionists advise to eat 5-6 times a day, the problem of excess food does not lose its relevance.

What are the main ways to refrain from unplanned meals? We’ll find out right now.

1. Turn on your favorite game

Just a few minutes behind your favorite game let you forget about food, alcohol and cigarettes. Just do not get carried away.

2. Use the imagination

Try to imagine, for example, a rainbow. Or look at some interesting picture, after which you will immediately feel better.

3. Take a walk

Even a short walk allows you to quickly and effectively drown out the importunate desire to eat something. In addition, regular walks – this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

4. Eat foods with lots of protein

If the daily meal is rich in protein, then the level of dopamine in your brain immediately increases, which helps reduce the need for fatty and harmful food. But if the protein is too small, then the craving for such food will be incredible.

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5. Look at the pictures with food

Strange, but still effective way. As research shows, after that a person’s desire to eat disappears. True, there should be many images, because a couple of pictures will only light up your appetite.

6. Listen to yourself

If a person does not know how to understand his own feelings, he can not control his inner impulses for food. Only in harmony with ourselves can we resist such a sinister temptation, and also join a healthy lifestyle.

7. Get enough sleep

A person is much more difficult to resist temptations when he wants to sleep. And this is no accident, it is in a half-sleep state that brain activity decreases, after which our decisions can be unreasonable and stupid.

8. Think about the consequences of malnutrition

What happens if you do not learn to restrain your appetite? How will you look then? And will you like it? If you ask yourself these questions and have a little thought about your future, then the craving for harmful food will go away by itself.

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9. Do not forget about chewing gum

It is she who helps to refrain from such unplanned and useless snacks.

10. Look through the window

This will help to plunge into the world of philosophical reflection, after which you will no longer have to eat.

11. Brush your teeth

Perhaps a thorough cleansing or rinsing will help you get by without eating before bed. Take the rule of a long and painstaking care for the oral cavity and, knowing that after eating you need to repeat all this, you change your mind.

12. Physical activity

Active physical activities (except for very intense ones) will help you forget about food for a while.


052 How to refrain from extra snacks? 12 useful tips

These were tips on how to refrain from snacking. We hope that you took a few of them into service.

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