How to get rid of chronic stress?

The rhythm of the modern world causes many of us to work on wear and tear, switching the gearbox lever to maximum capacity. We hasten to live and realize our goals in unprecedented short terms, so as to achieve perfection at any cost. It seems that you have no right to stop and catch your breath, then it will be too late, you will miss your chance and lose precious time. Sometimes this race with itself is so prolonged that chronic tension becomes a life style, and the thought of important matters does not let go, even in a dream. Can I get out of the web of stress, allow myself to relax and finally enjoy the fruits of labor? Let’s look for an exit together.

how to get rid of chronic stress How to get rid of chronic stress?

There are 5 bad habits that prevent relaxation

1. Thirst to control everything

It’s hard to let the situation out on its own, even if nothing depends on you. Such a person is constantly in the regime of over-control, tries to keep everything in sight, prepares himself for possible danger. You need to think, what exactly are you afraid of? Perhaps, so jokes about you the traumatic experience of the past? Once upon a time during the rest, you experienced pain, rub, fear, or you were chastised for idleness. It is necessary to relive this event anew and allow yourself to rest.

2. Confusion of priorities

“There’s so much to do!” Says the neurotic and rushes between dozens of cases, which at the same time do not perform. Write a report, pay loans, pick up a child from the kindergarten, make an important call – where do I start? To eliminate stress, prioritize by importance level, aware that opportunities are limited. What business is paramount, but what can wait?

3. Notorious perfectionism

The reason for a high level of stress is often an increased demand for oneself, a focus on the opinions of others. Such a person expects too much from himself, he ties the self-esteem to achievements and does not know how to enjoy the process. Excessive fixation on high productivity provokes an increase in tension, affecting the well-being.

4. Deep feeling of guilt

“How can I indulge in idleness when there is so much work around?” The workaholics ask themselves. In fact, they psychologically can not let go of themselves, because once long-caring parents inspired them with a ban on rest. The child has grown, but the program has remained: “you have no right to lie if there is a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen”, “it’s silly to go on vacation when there are no canvases at the dacha!” Etc. The feeling of guilt for “fooling” eats such people from within , Keeping in constant tension.

5. The habit of taking responsibility

It’s difficult to relax if in childhood you were the oldest child in the family, on which the responsibility for the younger ones lay. Instead of playing catch-up games, you changed diapers and took a stroller, instead of meeting with friends – they taught lessons with younger children and made order in the house. In the end, the habit of being responsible became so established that it became the second “I”, forcing out an easy attitude to life forever.

How to change the situation and get rid of chronic stress?

The first what you need to do – tune in to the sensations of the body and try to find muscle clamps. To do this, do not necessarily sign up for yoga, massage or force yourself to fitness. Just choose your free time, settle on the couch and try to scan the body from the inside – from head to toe. What do you feel in the neck, shoulders, elbows, pelvis? Where are the muscles relaxed, and where is the sensation of the compressed corset, which does not allow it to move and breathe freely? As soon as you relax the tense parts of the body, you are guaranteed to feel relief.

The second that we suggest to remember – do not overload yourself with tasks for the day. Enough to live in propeller mode at the fifth point, it’s time to slow down a bit and think about why you were born at all? Work, study, cooking, love – well, but is all this an end in itself? And where is the place for you, your hobby, development? Do not try to do all the things at the same time, put one task for a day: today – make purchases, tomorrow – study English, and the day after tomorrow – drive the car for tire fitting. Do not rush to live, otherwise you will quickly burn.

Third – Learn to enjoy the process by adding a few worldly joys. After all, what is rest? It’s a leisurely reading of a book with a cup of fragrant tea, taking a foam bath, when you do not need to rush anywhere, or simply walk along the boulevard with your favorite music in your ears. At first it is difficult to allow yourself to do nothing, it turns out clumsily. But then the body gets used, enters into the taste and begins to take pleasure out of the silence.

How to get rid of constant stress, remove the burden of responsibility from the shoulders? I must admit that you are really tired and deserve spiritual solitude, in a world of free people, rest is not a luxury, but a natural part of life.

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