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How to find the meaning of life: A Creative Approach

Almost the most popular request that every psychologist hears, is: “Help me find my place in life. I do not know what I really want. ” Weighed down by circumstances and obligations, we are forced to perform day by day what we might not want to do at all.

However, even if we throw aside everyday routine and routine (which, of course, is very hard to do), still respond to The question of the meaning and purpose of life is really difficult. Before describing a good psychological exercise, ask yourself: who can know about your meaning of life and your goal more than yourself?

how to find the meaning of life a creative approach How to find the meaning of life: A Creative Approach

Return to understanding yourself

Why is it so hard to understand what is the meaning of life? After all, it would seem, the modern world is full of opportunities for every taste and color. The problem is that we are accustomed to give a special meaning to everything. If we are engaged in something, this “something” must necessarily bring money or something else, no less valuable. If the case does not satisfy our usual expectations, we reject it as unreal, unreachable or meaningless (useless).

Think of how many ideas you rejected in the past simply because they seemed unrealistic, difficult to achieve, and impoverished? Or, perhaps, someone told you that you will not succeed in achieving the desired result – the closest we perceive these words, said by the parents. You are fond of a new thing, and your partner, mom, dad, grandmother, best friend in your voice declare that it’s time for you to settle down? So who really wants you to live the life that you have now – to you or to someone else?

The picture of life: from the imagination – into reality

In addition to you, no one else can answer questions: “What is the meaning of life? How should I live my life? “. The psychologist only helps you to get on your own way. The same can be done by psychological techniques. The time has come to cast aside stereotypes imposed by society, to free oneself of external influence on the part of close people and to allow ourselves the audacity to think on our own.

The following technique develops the imagination well and operates reliably. Now you will use any creative skills that you possess. It does not have to be drawing – you can well combine pictures in Photoshop, have spatial imagination, etc.

doc than thi sao 30 chua phai da gia dau nhe 2 How to find the meaning of life: A Creative Approach

1. Prepare a blank sheet of A3 size or Whatman (the more, the better).

2. Divide it into three equivalent parts using a pencil.

3. The first part fill in the main components of its current life. Here it is possible to show imagination: to draw yourself and your family or to stick small photos. The pictures taken from the Internet will perfectly suit.

4. On the last, third part depict what you see yourself in the ideal in 3-5 years. Do not think about the fact that you do not have enough money to realize everything you want. Just let yourself be yourself, allow yourself this luxury. Kleite photos or pictures of those places that you want to visit. Would you like to learn how to play the guitar? Excellent – attach the corresponding picture here.

5. On the second, intermediate part depict what prevents you from achieving the goal specified in the third part. What exactly could it be? The answer “family” or “children” will be too general and dishonest. Think broadly, analyze the details. Maybe this is the lack of time? Excessive cares and obligations? Extra expenses? Influence and misunderstanding of relatives? What exactly makes you abandon the life depicted in the third part? Be honest with yourself, because this is only your whatman and your life.

6. The final touch of your picture is the road. Pave the way from the first part to the third through the second. Specify what objectively you can do to go to the third option of life. Understand that there are no circumstances around the world that really exist between you and the life you are now dreaming about.

The exercise will not work if you really do not follow it. Mental rehearsal will not result. forests from another planet in the world of interest How to find the meaning of life: A Creative Approach

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