How to feed a cat: Tips for your pet

Cat feeding is one of the most important processes in maintaining your health. To do this, it is important to provide the appropriate amount of food at the appropriate time intervals. The nutritional needs vary in each: this makes it necessary to monitor their physical condition in order to adjust the amount of food supplied to them.

First we must know that the veterinarian is the best source of information on the health and well-being of our pet. With your help you will know how to keep your kitten at an ideal weight and reduce health risks by a possible case of overweight .

One of the most important things in the feeding of the cat is to know how it should be done.

Having a meal schedule. The pet must have a quantity of food at different times throughout the day and with abundant fresh water at your disposal with free access at any time. Scarcity of water over a given period of time can damage the cat health . It should be remembered, therefore, that the nutritional needs of older cats are different from those of adult cats so it will be almost obligatory to switch feed to the feline . Remember: lots of water. Your kitten’s kidneys need to stay clean.

Many specialists are insistent on feline nutrition because of the way these pets are developed. For example, a well-fed cat will be healthy and will not suffer from kidney problems or crystal formation in the urine. Therefore, every pet owner should be well aware of the guidelines of a healthy feed for the feline to avoid emergency consultations with the veterinarian .

How to feed a cat: Variety is the best

Are you the only ones who give their beloved pet the same feed every day of the year? Well, it is not recommended: cats need specific feed and wet foods to meet the nutritional needs of their species. These foods are high in protein. Recall that the felines are strict carnivorous animals, so their food must be composed of a high content of meats. These contain an important amino acid for the functioning of their metabolism: taurine.

While the variety is promoted as the best nutritional strategy for the felines there are those who feed their cats with leftover food . Food leftovers endanger the health of the kitten: if they feed on fish with thorns, they may have intestinal obstructions or muscle stiffness, when the intake is excessive. It may also happen that the stomach problems such as vomiting s or diarrhea may appear when the animal ingests foods that are not The ones indicated for him.

Every nutritional process must be accompanied by physical activity. The games moderate-intensity rides and runs will make our furry feline fit. The kittens with overweight suffer a lot when they reach old age, so we must keep their weight at bay.

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