How men with different temperaments have sex

We found out how men behave in different temperaments in bed.

The approach to sex in men with different temperaments is markedly different. We can spend hours wondering what was done wrong, but we can properly study what kind of sex will be one hundred percent win-win. It is in our interest to meet the expectations of the partner, since the study of masculine behavior largely ensures the stability of the family.

Women who know how to tame their man’s appetite can sleep peacefully, but with caution. Together with the psychologist Ekaterina Fedorova, Woman’s Day tried to describe the sexual behavior of men of different temperaments, and you need to figure out which one your satellite belongs to.

%name How men with different temperaments have sex

A choleric is an anxious extrovert. Strong, unbalanced and very active. The process of excitation of the nervous system predominates over the process of inhibition.

That is, it flares quickly, but it also dies away as quickly, is easily carried away, but also easily switches to another object. Emotion shows violently, speaks loudly, is silent only rarely, waving his arms vigorously, walks quickly, can not sit for a long time in one place. It is unlikely that the choleric will take off his last shirt and give it to charity, but he always has money for spectacular escapades.

The choleric in sex should be amused. In the darkness it’s quiet and under the blanket – it’s not his style. The choleric always waits for the opportunity to manifest himself and to disrupt enthusiastic applause. They need to admire. Tell him that he is beautiful, sexy, that everything was amazing and you have never had so many orgasms with anyone. The more he praises, the more he tries. Usually we say that you do not need to show your man at the initial stage of the relationship all your sexual skills, but the choleric must immediately give something away, he should be surprised, remember this sex. But all your arsenal in one session should not be opened, dose.

With the choleric the main party should play it, so prepare the stage: music, candles, incense, beautiful underwear. Let everything be unusual, let sex begin in the corridor and you, gradually throwing off your clothes, will move to the bedroom. Everything should be like a scene from a movie, a choleric wants to feel like a hero – the main character. With him you can have sex in the pool, on the beach under the moon. In the case of choleric, the entourage is most important, and sex itself can be there for 10 minutes.

%name How men with different temperaments have sex

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How to satisfy the sanguine?

Sanguine is also an extrovert, but with low anxiety. He is practically unbreakable and may be deaf to other people’s emotions. The fundamental difference between a sanguine person and a choleric is the level of anxiety. The sanguine mind has a sober mind, a high level of calculating, very high performance, great ambitions.

Sanguinists love power, and after receiving it, they perfectly reveal their potential. These are the best leaders. Sanguine dresses are practical, functional, in accordance with the status, so as not to stand out, but to match. His closet will not be full of unnecessary things, but he will have suitable clothes for any occasion.

Sanguine is the main consumer of sexual mastery, the main sexual gourmand and glutton. You will have to work here. Already at the start, you need to demonstrate working intimate muscles, show 150 oral sex techniques, and then show more and more. If you take on sanguine (and successful men are most often sanguine), then you need to learn and master new sexual techniques constantly. Sanguine is a technical lover, with him sex can be many hours. He is unlikely to believe in 15 orgasms in a row, to imitate an ungrateful business with him. With the sanguine do not need extravagant tricks, you do not have to kill yourself about aesthetics, the sanguine people are practical, nothing extra is needed so that it does not distract.

Sanguine likes technical right sex and hardy, skillful partners. If your man is a sanguine person, you need to train endurance, do dancing, exercise, train intimate muscles and muscles of the mouth. To be able to properly talk with him, communicate, understand him and be understandable to him, and also, so as not to undermine his self-esteem in sanguine, one must pass special psychological courses or go to an individual consultation with a psychologist. Because if you have a psychic, it will be very difficult for you.

%name How men with different temperaments have sex

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How to satisfy the phlegmatic?

The phlegmatic is already an introvert, moreover with the lowest degree of anxiety. The phlegmatic has a languid, inexpressive facial expression, he is unlikely to be the soul of the company, but he is completely non-conflict, responsible, and if he undertakes something, he will finish it. Phlegmatic is the type of man who marries only when there is a woman who will take him by the hand and organize everything herself: take him to the registry office, transport his things from his mother to himself or move to him.

More often for phlegmatic marriage – is a smooth transition from mom to wife, while after the wedding, all the maternal functions are automatically shifted to his wife. Phlegmatic is a faithful husband. He is too lazy and conservative to seek adventure on his side. If he is at home normally, he will not even look around.

Phlegmatic is interested in his pleasure. He probably already has his own established scenarios of intimacy, and he probably will not want to change them. It is especially important to tidy the intimate muscles, if it is a question of phlegmatic. With him, this is an obligatory program, because he must feel that sex with you is not forgotten.

Phlegmatic are often very clean, unkempt appearance of them can alienate. However, with other types of temperaments feelings do not abolish the rules of hygiene. Phlegmatic – this is just the man who can sincerely say: “Why do you paint yourself, I like you and do not like cosmetics”. Something similar can be said by a man of another temperament, but from very different considerations.

%name How men with different temperaments have sex

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How to satisfy the melancholic?

Melancholic is an anxious and sensitive introvert. He is impressionable, vulnerable, emotions quickly arise, change each other, are experienced brightly, but outwardly all this is not visible. Externally, melancholics always seem calm, they say slowly, move slowly, listlessly gesture, they may be shy and unsociable, because people are afraid of them – they can inadvertently hurt them, hurt them.

The melancholy is relaxed only in solitude or in the company of very close people to whom he completely trusts and in whose love is absolutely sure. Melancholic is much less selfish than everyone else, he wants everything to be good for everything to be right, to be honest, and for this he is ready to move and make concessions or even sacrifices. A person who is wondering if it’s convenient for you to sit like that, do not you need a plaid, do not pour some tea for you.

Melancholik wants love. He needs conversations on the bench, hugs, long touches. This does not mean that he is not capable of fast spontaneous actions, is very capable. Melancholik very well feels the partner and automatically adapts to it, at least, he is worried about your feelings, and if you give him feedback, you will grow an ideal spouse for yourself.

It should not be struck by jumping out of the cake , Suddenly get out of the bedside table handcuffs and whips. If your man is melancholic, you must learn to do sensual blowjob, melancholic will appreciate it. Melancholic is very sensitive and tactile, it is good for him to learn all kinds and methods of massage. With a melancholy, as with anyone, it is important for you to develop your intuition, for example, learning to guess on Tarot cards.

At the end of the narrative there is always a but. The article contains tactful steps, but life is unpredictable, it’s impossible to be prepared for anything, and therefore you need to have a spare scenario or be guided by intuition, especially if there is love between you!

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