How many calories are burned during sex?

Cheers, news! Having sex is not only damn nice, but also very useful for the figure.

Well, yes, yes, we know that you knew this. But, as psychologists teach us, awareness is important in everything. Therefore, we tell how everything happens and why. The very feeling of love or inner awe is already driving blood through the veins, taking up oxygen and burning calories. Strengthen the effect of sexual activity will help.

We quote figures from the calculation of the female weight of 68 kilograms. And experts give comments on each item.

Kisses: 68 calories per half hour

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This method works great at the very beginning of the novel. You surely remember how it happens: your lips meet and … next time you breathe in about 30 minutes! Our experts advise to practice this method and couples with experience, whose feelings have been tested for several years already. First, kissing is a wonderful way to show love and tenderness, and secondly, to say goodbye to calories.

“And if you connect also caresses, the expenditure will grow to 90 calories,” says the sexologist. And he advises some inhuman things. For example, mix training with kisses: knock over a loved one on the back, stand over him in the bar and, pressing, kiss. And pushing. And kiss again. Thus, we can already burn up to 170 calories in 30 minutes.

But in our opinion, this method should be practiced if you have no further kisses planned.
Erotic Massage: 80+ calories per hourIt’s clear that we We prefer that massage do to us. But, choosing a role of the masseur, think not only that you will do pleasant to your man, but also that you will burn a dozen or two calories. The main thing is, do not rush – this is just the case when it is better to slower and stronger, the faster.

It works like this: applying force, you force the heart to beat more often, drive blood faster and disperse oxygen through the body. Such a pleasant cardio load.

Oral sex: more than 100 calories per half hour

It’s unlikely that anyone told you that, Caressing your partner’s lips, you can burn as many calories as in the room, walking on an ellipse. So know this: it is so!

But there is a way to go to the next level. Our expert advises oral sex from the emphasis lying (hello, push-ups!) Or … do it in the position of “dog face down”. Pleasant, useful, unforgettable. Your man will never forget this in his life! By the way, yes, the bonus is 80 calories burned for push-ups and 35 – for asana from yoga.

Romantic dances: 103 calories per hour

Generally, it’s a gorgeous idea – to walk alone with her husband to dance . It’s very close. In addition, you can train at home – only more closely cuddling to each other, biting the partner for ear lobe and picking up his clothes. Inspired by the film “Dirty Dancing” – and forward!

By the way, according to the scientists (and they even got to this area), after an aerobic load, which is dancing, the woman is more easily excited and she has more lubrication. Well, if you increase the pace, then unobtrusive weight loss is exactly guaranteed.

how many calories are burned during sex table How many calories are burned during sex?

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Hugs and kisses (Caresses): 238 calories in half an hour

In general, girls, the most “costly” part, it turns out, is caresses. When you kiss, hug, climb under his T-shirt, you are at the expense of increasing the pulse again enter the zone of burning fat. And, given that the preliminary caresses are something that can last long enough, then the chances of hatching more are more.

Especially the effectiveness is increasing, our experts come in if your hugs take place in a hot room. Well, or in the waiting room. Also an option. Then, say our sexologist consultants, you practically get bikram yoga, and this is a new fashion word in losing weight.

Actually, sex itself: from 144 calories in half an hour or more

Well, It’s obvious: when you just lie down for yourself – count on a minimum. Although, if you add groans and biting, you will get into the piggy bank another 30 calories burnt. But! Where it is really possible to combine business with pleasure, it is in sex. Do you dislike the “rider” pose? This is in vain. Not only can you control the depth and speed, so you’ll lose weight. And if you lift your thighs in time and then sit down again, you will “accelerate” to 207 calories in half an hour and at the same time you will drive your partner crazy. Try!

Here in general you have the perfect recipe: you refuse dinner, replacing it with sex. And so – 6 times a week. Yes, after a month of such “training” girlfriends will run after your secret of losing weight!

And in detail: from 8 calories – stripping and from 10 – slapping

No one considers the process of stripping energy-consuming. What is there, ripped clothes from each other – and ready. But if you make it part of the prelude, if you connect your favorite silk scarf and wake up his fantasy a little … It’s then scintillating and turning. By the way, from the category of injustice: to spend 80 calories during the undress (yes, not 8, namely 80!), He only needs to unbutton your bra with his teeth.

Slappies will add a little more. Or to him again. Because boys prefer to spank themselves, and not substitute the fifth point. Well, in this case, too, it is clear: if you try, as in the film “50 shades of gray”, then you can decently sweat. But we will remember the partner, love him and cherish him. So, small slaps in 3-5 minutes will take 10 more calories from you.

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