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How I parried the parrot cursing with a mat?🐦🐦🐦

Once a birthday girl gave a parrot. And everything would be fine if the parrot was not terribly ill-bred bird and also a noble motherfucker.

It got to the point that any word that escaped from its beak was far from decent. The girl tried in every possible way to re-educate the bird: she talked politely for a long time with the parrot, read to him classical works and set pleasant music. Everything that only she could think of to make him stop swearing.

Finally, her nerves passed, as the parrot was incorrigible. In response to his next foul tirade, the girl screamed at the parrot, grabbed it and shook it. The bird did not stop, and began to swear even louder and more refined. The girl in fury thrust the hooligan into the freezer. Within a few minutes the parrot scandalized, pounded from within and, of course, selectively cursed. Then suddenly it became quiet. Quite quiet.

kesha  ji4d2h9 How I parried the parrot cursing with a mat?🐦🐦🐦

Already the calmed down girl was frightened that the parrot came to an end, and quickly opened the freezer door.

From there, a parrot fell out of her outstretched hands and gave a tirade: “Dear Madam, I am fully aware that I have offended you with my rude speech and unworthy behavior. I sincerely repent and intend to do everything possible to make amends. ”

The girl was shocked.

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