How does the sex and date of birth depend


Born in the coldest month of the year, these partners are always ready for the experiments in bed, they are persistent and eccentric, they would never have thought it!


Born in this month, they will have a lot of passions in them, and you must also give all of them a try, and maybe you will be able to get closer, they are passionate, but emotionally distant.

%name How does the sex and date of birth depend


Born in March, they like to spend time in bed. Sex is very sensual. They give their partner everything they have, and because of this they often rise to new heights of spirituality.


People are independent, but when they are carried away by someone, they give all their strength. People are hot, impressionable and very passionate. Their passion is huge, but very often they get tired of people.


They prefer sex comfortable, sensual and gentle. They love the process itself. They want to make love on satin bedsheets in a magnificent decorated bedroom and are very legible in connections.


Those born in June are eager to try every position because they want to know everything. They are not as passionate as those born in February, but also quite bright. If you want to talk to someone about “dirty” deeds, then these are the ones you need.


They have a deep emotional component. They should feel safe with their partner. And if they have agreed to sex, they will do everything to please their partner.


They can be both extremely selfish and extremely generous. They want to have confirmation that the partner is good with them. They hate when they are told what to do in bed, their ego suffers from this.


Passionate, but always controlling their emotions. Therefore, when it comes to sex, a partner will have to work hard to make them relax and achieve a great orgasm. They do not immediately rush into sex, but if they have feelings, then they really will not do anything.


They like to paint a romantic, passionate picture and tell the partner how it will all happen And what he will feel while doing this. October prefer to move slowly. Because they are for romance. Perhaps the one born in October lacks passion, but they compensate for this with romantic courtship.


A beautiful embodiment of what is referred to as “passionate sex.” They just need to have their partner and they demand the same from him. They are owners. Trying to try everything.


Very inventive in bed. They like to think up stories and “play” with a partner. Sometimes it’s difficult for them to connect emotionally, but any sex with them is fun.

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