How does the color of the rainbow affect the human psyche?

It is known that the color of objects and surroundings affects the mood, perception of the environment in general, and even health! What exactly is this influence?

how does the color of the rainbow affect the human psyche How does the color of the rainbow affect the human psyche?

So, the red color is the hottest in the spectrum. He has the strongest effect on man: increases immunity and activity, irritates eyesight, increases blood pressure and accelerates metabolism.

Orange color like red, “wakes up” the bioenergetics and immune forces of the body. In addition, he stimulates the appetite, his solar cheerfulness removes the effects of stress, increases metabolic processes in the body.

Yellow – the color of the sun and heat. It causes cheerfulness and kindness, gives confidence. Yellow is useful in diseases of the digestive system.

Green color – almost neutral, the color of youth and spring. It improves vision, calms the nervous system, helps to rest after a busy day. This color promotes the extinction of inflammatory processes, the healing of wounds, heals insomnia.

Blue – helps to relax and calm down. It favorably affects the nervous system, soothes irritable and hot-tempered people. It is useful for blood formation, in diseases of the gallbladder and liver.

The blue cold color has a calming effect on the nervous system. It is useful in arrhythmia, tachycardia, with heart failure. This color reduces fatigue and helps to concentrate thoughts.

Purple – the most mysterious color. Depending on the nature, it acts on a person in different ways. Quiet people, he helps to fill up with energy and relax, irritable and quick-tempered – to abstract, and cheerful people makes you think and shut up. On people with a weak nervous system, it acts depressingly and can cause melancholy or depression.

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