How do you cope with the defeats and failures of the zodiac sign

Failures and defeats disappoint, demoralize and strongly beat on confidence and self-esteem. If you try something new and fail – it’s terrible. If you do something familiar and familiar and crash – it’s even worse. Not everyone is capable of coping with such fiasco, as they are permanently stored in the subconscious and poison life. How does your zodiac sign affect your ability to rebel like a Phoenix from the ashes and cope with life’s loses?

how do you cope with the defeats and failures of the zodiac sign How do you cope with the defeats and failures of the zodiac sign

1. Aries

You cope with failures simply by recognizing them, and then analyzing what you could do differently and whether it is worth repeating attempts. You will not focus on your failure, but you are going to focus on future successes, in which you are absolutely sure. It was just one hit on the road to success. You know that this path is not always smooth, and the defeats are just useful lessons.

2. Taurus

You “heal” yourself by constantly reminding yourself of your own worth. For many Taurus, the best way to absorb information is visual, so make a list of your talents, skills, abilities and qualities that you already have, which will allow you to succeed in the future. If you are too crushed by your failure, then ask for help from close people.

3. Gemini

To be able to recover from defeat, you need to change your attitude to it. Consider this as an isolated case. Think about what you can improve and change in a situation, and also write off failure for insufficient preparation, lack of sleep or a bad mood – that is, something that can be corrected. This will definitely give you more confidence.

4. Cancer

As a rule, you all translate to the level of emotions, therefore the best thing you can do is to disconnect your feelings from the fact of failure. Do not take failure to heart. Everybody makes mistakes, and so are you. You know that failure does not mean that you are an incompetent or bad person, it just happens. When you remove emotions from the situation, you can understand its causes, and what you need to change in it.

5. The Lion

When you want to recover from failure, you prefer to do something risky (within reasonable limits) or try something new. Yes, it can be scary and you will feel vulnerable, but if you consider all your options and take a well-thought-out decision to try again, but in a new way, you will move forward. Any failure is also progress.

6. The Virgin

You learn from your mistakes and failures, so you can deal with them when you do not see them as the end of the world, but as the beginning of growth and success. While failure makes people feel helpless, you are more likely to lead to excitement. You do not want to go on about one failure and give it a chance to slow down your movement.

7. Libra

You know that failure can easily disorient you and distract you from your goals and dreams, so you remind yourself that you need to keep yourself in hand and not lose heart. You will try again, even if you have to move in tiny little steps – you will all the same adapt and change: both yourself and the situation.

8. Scorpio

You cope with failures, becoming only more decisive than before. Scorpios are known for their perseverance and ability to focus, and once you have failed, you are only working harder. You become obsessed with achieving a more positive result, and if you fail again, you will still continue the assault. Defeat for you is not a reason to give up completely.

9. Sagittarius

You know that all defeats have a plus – it is an opportunity to learn from mistakes, it is an opportunity to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and, most importantly, defeats never get bored and relax. If everything was so easy, success would not have its value. For you, all the failures are an exciting and fascinating experience.

10. Capricorn

You do not get used to failures, because you treat them philosophically and do not get upset. You prefer to focus on factors that you can control, which means that next time you will work out all the details and be more carefully prepared. Defeat does not unsettle you – that’s why you can achieve much.

11. Aquarius

You cope with failure, considering it an incentive for another round of your creative efforts. You know what did not work, so now your brain will create new ways and come up with fresh innovations to succeed. Do not hold back your thoughts and fantasies to see new alternative solutions.

12. Fish

For you, the best therapy of defeat is the forgiveness of yourself. You made a mistake (they are all done!), But this is not a reason to torture yourself morally. Praise yourself, support, encourage and motivate, so that your fear of risk disappears, and then all the failures will be less painful for you.

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