How are feelings of love and hunger connected?

Have you noticed how a hungry person behaves after weeks of abstinence? He is so weak and helpless that he is ready to stuff his aching stomach with whatever food he wants, if only he does not die of hunger. He can cram into himself even expired products from the first garbage he finds, and spit on poisoning or indigestion, looking how hungry. It also happens that he was forced to deny himself for a long time in a variety, and then he received a piece of dried cake, and decided that this was the height of bliss. Let him not like raisins and fatty oil stuffing, but still did not eat anything tastier! And we are not just talking about food now …

Love in a sense is like eating to the heart. Someone prefers to refrain from too much addiction, so as not to fall into dependence, and someone releases the brakes and does not spare the stomach at all. Some people are satisfied with bread crumbs all their lives, others – they go by luxury and taste without stopping. Well and the third by inexperience slurp a poison, yes so, that receive a poisoning and become frenzied vegetarians. To each his own.

Heart hunger or lack of love

Why are people so fond of love? Because they did not get enough of this food from their parents. The child grew up hungry, because mom and dad, because of inexperience or heavy workload, could not ask the child for caress and care. As a result, he grew up, got to his feet and realized that something is insanely lacking in the emotional sphere, which means that the missing feelings need to be compensated through potential partners who have both tenderness, attentiveness, and eroticism.

Having met half with the missing quality, a “hungry adult” can fall into ecstasy. Agree, an amazing feeling – to get a portion of love, which he needed so much, I want to eat more and more. The partner becomes dependent on half, on the feeling of happiness next to him, from the desired taste, which for so long wanted to try. And feelings drown out the voice of reason like a drug. Love inspires and at the same time blinds you, you do not see the whole picture, that there are discrepancies in views and needs, that man is not as good as it seemed before. With a hunger strike you do not understand that in your cup there is not sugar, but a sweetener, not a chicken, but a modifier with its taste. It seems to be edible, but for some reason causes indigestion.

Hunger is so strong that it suppresses the feeling of self-preservation, a person ceases to be sensitive to all “components”. The partner in fact may not be the same: do not satisfy, ignore, poison. But you, as in a fog, continue to go on about it, because you had time to get used to, subnetting to “glutamate sodium”, getting drunk with “wine notes” … And when it comes to understanding that something is not that the relationship is slowly killing, The idea of ​​abandoning the “product” would seem blasphemous.

How to get rid of the “wrong diet” and meet real love?

If at least once you have experienced unhappy love, which resulted in a major disappointment and licking of wounds, most likely, you already fell for the bait of heart hunger. Well, if these relationships helped to understand the taste preferences and heart needs, it’s bad – if you remain extremely indiscriminate in your attachments. Is it possible to correct the habitual pattern of behavior in order to find such relationships that maximize the taste of life and nourish the body with useful substances? That’s right.

First, will have to put some “filter”. Enough to disrupt your nerves with another love story in the form of “fast food for the heart,” this is no good. Take care of emotional health and choose for the relationship only that person who can nourish you internally. A beautiful cherry on the cake – not a guarantee of an ideal taste. Look deep into the qualities of a person – his devotion, sincerity, the ability to accept your “I”, forgive, guide and support. A person should drink energy, and not take away energy, give joy and a sense of comfort, and not a sense of stress and despair. Be more critical, read the contents!

Secondly, do not rush to absorb food indiscriminately, chew it carefully. The slower you enter the relationship, looking at the partner, sniffing at his “fragrance”, the less risk there will be for a fake. Do not rush to swallow a person with all its cockroaches, giving in to the impulse of passion, let the tastes unfold, catch the nuances and notes of the nature of the new “dish”, become a little gourmet. Try to control the quantity and quality of the love food, if the relationship is savored, then the pleasure will be more.

Third, do not be afraid to stay without dinner. It’s better to wait a little longer, but to get a real exclusive from the chef, rather than rush into the hot dog without the sauce from fear that everyone will be disassembled and nothing will remain. There are billions of people in the world, you do not need to think that there is not a person who will not satisfy your needs. Develop sensitivity, learn again your taste preferences and do not lower the bar. Everything comes in due time, just make friends with inner hunger, and acute feelings will prompt in which direction to go …

Respect your heart and remember, true love does not suffer haste.

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