Here’s how to check whether the radiation “emanates” from the microwave

The videoblogger girl from America on her channel Physics Girl conducted an interesting and revealing experiment that helps to test your indispensable device for safety for health. The meaning of the experiment was to put the mobile phone in the microwave, and then to call it.

It’s simple: if the device is “leaky”, it will take a call, but if the mobile does not answer, then the isolation in the microwave is organized “perfectly”. The fact is that the microwave is designed as a Faraday cage, which isolates the electromagnetic field and does not let the rays pass. When the girl wrapped the oven with foil and made a perfect Faraday cage, everything turned out – it was not possible to get through to the subscriber’s number.

The accuracy of the experiment can be increased if you call the phone via Wi-Fi (for example, using the Viber application). The waves of the Internet are by nature more like waves of a microwave.

But! If you detect a “leak”, do not rush to panic. To harm a person can only powerful radiation. Well, of course, when your microwave is protected, but not scary, if not. You can protect yourself if you avoid direct exposure to the microwave at the time of work.

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