Cute WTF

He Laid Down to Take a Nap but Suddenly a Cheetah Appeared and Made a Very Strange Thing! ..

His name is Dolf Volcker, and he is a volunteer from the organization of “Cheetah Guardians” in South Africa. Its main task is to preserve the population of wild cats in nature. As a rule, large cats are very shy and rarely go into contact with a person. But, having worked in this reserve for only a couple of months, Dolph has already earned the trust of animals.

Once, when he was lying on the grass, one of the cheetahs crept up to him and … just licked it. Just like a dog! πŸ™‚ Moreover, he then decided to lie down next to Dolph, purring with pleasure.

However, why tell how it was when you can see everything in this video:

It turns out that wild animals are not so fierce if you know the right approach and treat them properly. But do not even try to check it, it’s better to take a word … πŸ™‚

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